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Why isn’t USC also 8-0 like Oregon going into Saturday’s game? Why have the Trojans struggled?

“It’s shocking for an offense that returned 10 starters to struggle with its identity and converting third downs,” said Petros Papadakis.

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  • dtksr1

    Big shock… Haden supports Kiffin’s job performance so far as told on ESPNLA. But I hope it is the old “vote of confidence-kiss of death” at the end of the season. The very least that should happen: Kiffin needs to give up his playcalling responsibility and, replace his father as DC, who has yet to have any success in slowing down spread offenses.

    • Why do you think Kiffin giving up his playcalling will make him a better head coach, it isn’t logical.

      • dtksr1

        If what is being said has some truth in it, that Haden wants to keep Kiffin through the sanction years, it makes sense that he publically supports Kiffin right now. Kiffin, to his credit, is a master recruiter and with the limited scholies, we desparately need the best of talent to get us through these sanctions. I think the very least Haden should do, if he is not ready to remove Kiffin, is tell him he has to hire an OC/playcaller & replace the DC. Of course if the Team wins its last 4 games, what are you going to do?

  • Golden Trojan

    Let’s see, 10 starters return on offense, yet they can’t line up correctly (too many/too few in the backfield), 2 in motion, forward motion, false starts. Either these guys are not very bright, or there is a lack of focus/discipline in practice and game day. The staff is recruiting great physical talent but lacking mental skills, or they aren’t being coached very well. In the Glory Days, Haden was a Rhodes Scholar, Garret passed the Calif. Bar and of course McKay and Robinson could coach. Stanford and Notre Dame are playing well and graduating (see last weeks post on grad rates). Bottom line, Coaches better get their act together or they need to go.

    • Uh, when did Garrett pass the bar? I don’t think he’s ever passed the bar, 8 whiffs.

      • Golden Trojan

        You’re right, he got a law degree but didn’t take the bar. Did work in the DA’s office in SD. Couldn’t have been a total bone head?

  • ELConqueror

    “You see Bry… I read.”
    Scott, this right here is where I agree with you and “Papadarkis”. This right here…God this is exciting!..this right here is the goddamn ticket!! Why in the hell are 10 returning starters not showing loads of leadership and executing to win EVERY game?? This is the ticket I tell you! we should be 8-0 against the paltry talent we’ve faced. But don’t put all the blame on the twiddlin’ hillbillies, Monte and Lane…the 10 returning starters need to cowboy up, starting with Barkley who’s been making some dumb and embarrassing mental blunders. Now that’s the goddamn ticket!

  • ELConqueror

    Barkley said, “I don’t think anything different (needs to be done). We just can’t settle.”

    And this here, ladies and gents, is Exhibit A as to why we are losing. He doesn’t think anything different needs to be done. Like my Central American barber would say, “Barkley is a first-rate baboso”. I can’t wait until this chump graduates to the 3rd string of the NFL. He’s been overly hyped and his true colors have shown. Good riddance.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Wolf quoted Petros…