Time For Change

Lane Kiffin admitted USC might need to change its philosophy on defense against the spread offense. But is Kiffin ready to make the tougher decision, if necessary, and hire a new defensive coordinator?

Any thoughts?

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  • BayAreaDawgFan

    Oregon’s offense is just almost impossible to defend against during the regular season. I think Kiffin was right when he described it as a “system” offense. If you are a D coordinator in the Pac-12, you have to choose between preparing for that for weeks (at the detriment of the rest of your schedule) or prepare like usual and risk what happened tonight. But the thing is, this hasn’t worked well for Oregon in their bowl games. When teams have a month to prepare for it, they can beat Oregon (see Boise State and Auburn). I don’t know what the solution is, but I really wish someone in the Pac would beat them.

    • Dispassionate Dave

      As I wrote in another comment, my unbiased, dispassionate opinion is that UCLA may be the only team in the Pac 12 that can go toe-to-toe and beat Oregon. It’s too bad they don’t play each other during the reg season, but might in the Pac 12 championship for the 2nd year in a row.

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    If they do they better hire pat narduzzi from michigan state

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    He is by far the best defensive coordinator in college football while getting the 5 or 6th best talent in the big 10

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    Every time you line up in a different front or coverage on defense you have to have every adjustment ready to go vs all offensive formations and there responsibilties will change. That’s why narduzzzi perfect because he sits in miami cover 4 with safeties at 8 yards to put 9 men in the box and doesn’t change.

  • 730 yds in ovence by zee Ducks!!
    AH! AH! AH!
    Hey, vhat heppent do zee Natterink Nabobs???
    AH! AH! AH!

  • Jason

    Sat thru last week and today. I was embarrassed to watch that defense. It was horrible. How many times can u let dive option burn you for 15+ yards. They got gashed for two weeks and now the word is out…..theyre in big trouble

  • Spedjones

    Dunno, but that guy at UCLA held the Wildcats to 10 last night!

  • Actually, both Kiffens must go. Lane will certainly be a first class offensive coordinator, probaly in the pros. But he has not proven to be a head coach and certainly his dad’s good days are far behind him.

  • USConquer

    It’s the Big Bad Wolf. I see what you are doing here. Totally and completely. You wrote the title to make it seem like its time for a change in head coach, kind of like you’ve gotten under LK’s skin in the past. Your trying to get under his skin, fool the readers while your at it.
    Well your wrong because Kiff is not gonna fire his dad. Its the last thing he will do. But Haden should fire Monte! He’s old and doesnt know what’s cracking anymore.