What Just Happened?

Ok, let’s cut through the points and stats for a minute.

At the end of the day, USC’s offense did not make as many critical plays as needed (like last week). And its defense was utterly helpless against Oregon (like at times last week).

Why is Oregon calm, composed and efficient? It has a freshman quarterback yet never seemed nervous.

Why isn’t USC anything close to the nation’s No. 1 preseason team with 18 starters returning plus Silas Redd and Morgan Breslin.

Can Lane Kiffin lead? Can Monte Kiffin stop the spread?

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  • jkstewart2

    How many games does kiffin loose before he is replaced. He is a great recruiter, but he had a Ferrari that he uses as a Chevy. Before sc starts beating its chest as world beaters, they need a defense that is more productive.

    • so tired of hearing what a great recruiter he is…just recruits raw, street thugs who have athletic ability but no smarts. Very few of his recruits will start in the NFL.

    • Gollum-Wolf

      Spaulding is in over head…if his name wasn’t Kiffin he’d be making 20k/year for the Daily News as a third-rate blogger.

  • no te preocupas, wolfman, allow me to break this down!!!
    OK lets get to work!!!
    when the trOXans narrowed the game to 3 pts, what hapened?
    ONCE AGAIN, when the trOXAN needed some senior leadership, some Heisman flair, when his team needed him to lead comeback, what happened to the Pious Passer???
    see him on the sideline all glassy eyed and not talking to anyone???
    he choked again.
    that’s it, plain and simple. the Cadre, RIGHT AGAIN
    (about everything)

    • he learned that from his coach

    • TrojanFamily

      “Pious Passer?” Wow I never realized you were filled with such prejudicial hate. The man goes to Haiti in the offseason to aid earthquake victims and you mock his faith? Seriously, have you no shame?

      • TrojanFan

        The only shame bucket feels, is when he looks down at his penis….ouch!!!

      • ThaiMex

        Yo RETARD….”exactly where do you get off with this “prejudicial hate” crock? You must bleed Mustard and Ketchup, Right?….and you probably think O.J. was wrongly convicted? and you probably believe that young man shot last week near campus, was a victim of Racial Violence. You probably also believe the Torgans were “jobbed” by the ref’s on Saturday. Take your “conspiracy filled b.s.” over to the WILD WEST site where it belongs.
        You are and idiot!,
        but fit on anyway!

        • TrojanFan

          Bucket just got his cock handed to him, and the helmet end was wedged between the cheeks, where the shit comes out

        • TrojanFan

          It’s funny that you mentioned it, because a Nevada judge recently agreed to reopen the case against the former Heisman winner know as The Juice…..

          Bucket, you keep stepping in shit, and for some odd reason, you enjoy the aroma

        • TrojanFamily

          Am I the only one to find it ironic that this poster would call me an idiot (and use the hateful epithets retard) while using grammar and spelling that a third grader would find reprehensible?

        • TrojanFamily

          And you also make a half dozen extraneous accusations that attempt to divert attention from the point. That point is that anti-religious bigotry needs to stop.

      • TrojanFamily

        You can call him a poor QB if you like but to mock his faith is just shameless.

  • Fire Monte

  • tqt08

    There is huge talent on paper but the lack of in game adjustments and the lack of discipline show a huge deficiency in coaching. I think it’s time to end Kiffin’s tenure here.

  • AH! AH! AH!
    I am Vlad “Count” Smackula und I luff to count!
    Zee trOJinks haff lost vun, TWO games in a row!!!
    Not so good for zee schampionschip schanzes, no?
    AH! AH! AH!

  • BayAreaDawgFan

    Oregon’s offense is just almost impossible to defend against during the regular season. I think Kiffin was right when he described it as a “system” offense. If you are a D coordinator in the Pac-12, you have to choose between preparing for that for weeks (at the detriment of the rest of your schedule) or prepare like usual and risk what happened tonight. But the thing is, this hasn’t worked well for Oregon in their bowl games. When teams have a month to prepare for it, they can beat Oregon (see Boise State and Auburn). I don’t know what the solution is, but I really wish someone in the Pac would beat them.

    • Dispassionate Dave

      After the way that UCLA played today and last week, they may be the only Pac 12 team that can beat Oregon. Just my dispassionate two cents.

  • Tqt—-who else we gonna get now, that is 1) any better and 2) willing to take the job with 30 less schollies? Holmgren? Isn’t he like 67? Del Rio? What ones he know about college? The solution is to get real OC and DCs.

  • SpiketheBruin

    Yowsa! Another titilating loss by “Kiffy Goatboy’s” goatherd on the road to the BCS Championship game: the “unfinshed business season,” Usuc bragged about on a billboard in Westwood when they were ranked preseason Numero uno’s. That unfinished business “team,” should be featured at the Douche Bag Bowl in Bumfuck, North Dakota in below zero weather in front of possibily
    5 or 6 groundskeepers. Lose on Kiffy-Kiffy Goat Boy.

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    They need to play better period. It looks like there not playing as a team, and there might be something going on with the team internally. That might coaches not getting along or players not believing in the coaches or with each other.

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    I do think max turek is better for them then walker, and probably will be another great left tackle for usc in the future

  • oregon111

    game was much closer than it should have been…
    Oregon CBs got many bad calls on pass interference,
    Oregon safeties flat out sucked and got burned all night

    Barkley & his receivers are best passing attack in college football

    I’m glad we won’t see Barkley again after this year

    go beat the f^#k out of notre dame

    • TrojanFan

      I was at the game, and Oregon was getting away with a lot of holding on the edges….You need to watch the game again when you’re not full of koolaid

      If we beat ASU and UCLA we will meet for the conference championship game

      USC still has a chance to piss in your cheerios, just like last year

      • oregon111

        from what I have seen in watching pac12 games is that offensive players can hold all they want (as long as they don’t tackle anybody)

        and defensive players will get flagged for ANY amount of touching a receiver

        and that is why pac12 teams cannot play defense unless an offense stops itself with poor QB play

        in my opinion: that takes away from the game and puts it in the hands of the refs


        I was hoping Az would win out — looks like you might get your pac12 south division t-shirts this year after all

        but our D was closer to stopping your O than your D was as close to stopping our O

        if there is a rematch: one thing that will change is that both coaching staffs have seen each other’s playbooks and strategies for playing each other

        we still have to play Stanford & Or st – so we may not even make it to the conf game

  • Spedjones

    What just happened is that UCLA just passed the Trojans in the PAC standings. And the polls. weeee!

    • TrojanFan

      But USC is in the drivers seat….idiot

      • Spedjones

        Which driver’s seat? UCLA is also in the driver’s seat, but it’s not on a 2 game losing streak. Haha, lose on!

        • TrojanFan

          Drive the golf chart all you want…..your previous history says it all…..troll on

  • NewCoachPlease

    Think what C. Peterson could do with this talent…a REAL college football coach!

    • maze949

      Yeah, or even Chris PetersEn.

  • For the dignity of the sport and USC, Kiffen senior should resign. He has proven he can’t do it.

  • USConquer

    Keep Lane Kiffin fire Monte K. get a new OC to work with LK and fire Haden if he doesnt have the cojones, the cogidas, and the pantaloones to make all of this happen.