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USC coach Lane Kiffin was asked after the game how much of the onus for the Trojans’ failures lie with the coaches.

“All of it.For us to have penalties and turnovers and three losses (this season), especially the first two and today screwing up.”

Here’s my recap of game here.


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  • realtrojan

    Nothing personal, of course, but it’ll never be Kiffin who will put the Trojan football back to its former glory. Truth be told, the sooner he goes, the better for the program. And…for him, as well.

    • TrojanFan

      The players on the field need to make the plays…Kiffin wasn’t the guy on the field getting ran over or playing out of position

      • realtrojan

        Yeah, but whose job is to develop and motivate them to not do those things? Look, we’re supposed to have better talent than Oregon, and see how they’ve overpowered us. And most astoundingly, they’ve got a true frosh QB in there doing all those things. And guess who’s responsible for it? Certainly not the other players, right?

        • Trojanfan is one of the typical rah rah rose colored wine sipping C & G dunces who thought Hackett was fine, he has no clue.

          • TrojanFan

            BenD over, you have got a lot to learn about the football game at the college level…enough said…. and realtrojan you are right behind him

        • TrojanFan

          Yes he can mentally prepare them, but the physical aspect is all on the players…. you are confusing speed with being overpowered…you need to work on your football IQ

          • Trojanfan, you need to work on your IQ, period.

          • TrojanFan

            When you watch football games through dirty glasses, I know it’s hard on you

          • TrojanFan

            The Oregon offense lives and dies off speed and deception and their defense is a real liability

  • Ben Factor

    USC did better than expected today. Not on defense, but the defense has been pretty crummy for three years, with some better moments in the first half (not today) and against poor teams. USC can’t just hold the course.

    The offense did a lot of damage today. Tore up Oregon, really. But two INTs and a fumble lost. Of course the game was lost against that opponent. It’s the constant refrain from any coach.

    Most importantly, LK needs to move into a more modern management paradigm. Hell, USC has a good business school–go ask some people there. Great companies aren’t governed as top down anymore. Top managers seek to hire people who are even smarter than the manager, and seek out criticism and suggestions. Of course that would include an OC type of coach.

    If Wolf’s info is correct, Kiffin leads in a 1950s style. It’s silly. He needs to give up his ego and change to a team-building model (I mean management team) , or he won’t succeed. But will Kiffin’s insecurities hold him back?

    He shows potential at times, so that would be a shame–for him, I mean. USC will find its way, with him or without him–too much tradition, too good of a school, too good of a location. And I have underlying confidence in Haden.

    • Really ? Better than expected ? Why, cuz they didn’t lose by 30? Losing is losing, and this should not be happening except for a dunce for a head coach and an old man who has no idea how to defense today’s college offenses.

      Kiffin is a NARCISSIST, they don’t think what they do is wrong

      • TrojanFan

        So i guess all the teams Oregon has beaten over the last 3 plus seasons all have worthless coaching staffs…you make no sense at all

  • ThaiMex

    We already knew the OFFENSIVE line was a problem (do those guys get EXTRA Money when Barney gets thrown on his ass?), but its pretty obvious the SWISS CHEESE (full of holes, smells bad) DEFENSE is as bad as the O-Line. You’d expect more from a team that has had TOP 5 Recruiting classes for the last 15 years. The D-Line regulars include a J.C. transfer and a freshman as significant contributors, WHY? While GOAT BOY has focused year after year on WIDE OUTS, you are losing the battles in the trenches.

    TWO consecutive LOSES in what will probably be a 6 game losing streak? LIMBO U, now more than EVER! BY the Way…..U-C-L-A Bruins WIN, while LIMBO U, goes a little lower, and best of all…….THE DUCKS COVERED!
    FIT ON TORGAN, just fit on!
    (where’s that big dummy, PARALEGAL?)

    • TrojanFan

      Thanks bucket, with the ruin win you guys just put the Trojans in the driver seat,,,

      I hope the ruins are at least a 7 pt favorite over the Trojans…..I smell some money line action….the sharp money will be all over that

    • I ran into a couple of your kind. No class. Ugly. Smelled like tacos and beer. The best part of SC losing and Fucla winning is that you low life mfers will once again be wearing powder blue and get the hell out of the Coli. Adios.

      • EncinitasBruin

        A hug is needed here.

  • “After this loss, some players smiled on the field and laughed outside the locker room.”

    That comment says it all

    • TrojanFan

      Dude! it’s football, it wasn’t like one of their loved ones died…if you cried and punched the wall, more power to you

  • I’m pretty sure if you could just watch the offensive parts of our game, you couldn’t imagine how we weren’t on the top side of a blowout. Our offense was lights out, a spectacle to watch, yesterday. It’s just that the Ducks’ offense was out of the stratosphere good.

    We win the next two weeks, we’re playing them again. Two items for the elder Kiffin. Their QB got rocked late in the first half and was unsteady for about 3 series afterward, including a fumbled exchange. He needs to feel pressure, because he is not as tough as he looks. Second item, you need a safety or very fast linebacker shadowing their running back. And you need to mix up who’s doing that from play to play to confuse their blocking and get them to tell you when they are handing the ball to him.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Looking forward to Nov 17 in the Rose Bowl. Hopefully this year we can actually give you guys a game. Tough loss last night. Was on ESPN earlier and the KState fans are talking s$%& about Oregon’s defense, etc. Will tell you what, no one is going to stop that machine. Whoever ends up in the Pac-12 Championship (USC or UCLA) will need Oregon to stop themselves with turnovers to have a chance.

    • USConquer

      Don’t worry if our D plays the way we did against Oregon, ucla will win, & I hate to write ish like this. FIRE MONTE KIFFIN!! FIRE HADEN!! We need an OC to help Lane turn it around!