Haden On Ballgate

Pat Haden issued a statement on twitter regarding the deflated footballs:

“We acknowledge the Pac-12′s reprimand and fine. We regret this incident occurred. It was unacceptable and we apologize for it. I can assure you this will not happen again.”

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  • USConquer

    How the hell is Pat Haden going to guaran-effen-tee that Kiffin won’t continue to pull stunts like this that make us vulnerable for worst sanctions than what we have now?? Haden has no balls. No pun intended.

  • We are guilty. We did it. We’ll pay a fine. Put us on more probation. Just keep my “clean Gene” persona intact…..said PH. What a douche bag. He needs to go before Monte.

    • MG would have told the PAC 12 to F off, we do what we want at USC, right NOBS ?