USC Reprimanded For Deflating Balls

The Pac-12 fined and reprimanded USC because a student manager intentionally deflated game footballs for the Oregon game. USC claimed the manager did it without anyone else’s knowledge. Official statement here.

The real question is do you believe Lane Kiffin did not really know? It fits perfectly into his “competitive advantage” obsession.

Let’s review some embarassing things this season:

1.) He lied about his coaches’ poll vote.

2.) Tried to deceive teams by switching jersey numbers.

3.) Banned opposing teams from using Coliseum for Friday walk-through.

4.) Deflated game balls.


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  • aztroy

    And banned Scott Wolf from practice.

    • TrojanFan

      And now the wolfman has this compulsive need to retaliate

  • AramT

    5. Threw media out of practice

    6. Hasn’t covered a spread on the road this season.

    7. Went for 2 about 10 different times for no reason whatsoever (see No. 6).

    8. Let his Daddy get embarrassed by allowing him to try and stop offenses (Arizona and Oregon) that are not from his own generation.

  • Lane Kiffin, the gift that keeps on giving!

  • USConquer

    Kiffin put the blame on Oregon’s staff for the deflated balls. Where is the story behind that Wolf?

    • ProbationU

      Yeah, that’s right. It was actually Oregon, which is why yhe Ducks manager resigned……oh that’s right the SC manager resigned to protect his counterpart from Eugene. Those Ducks are clever.

  • bman

    Wolfe – point 3 is a blatant lie on your part, or you are the only “Jounalist” that didn’t read the news that Haden came out and said that isn’t even Kiffin’s call to make – it was the greens department call. You have serious issues

  • CJS1993

    9. Approved the Ronald McDonald cleats that our team is wearing this season instead of the traditional black.

    10. Took a scholarship away from a walk-on player that had been granted a scholarship last season.

    11. Coaches the most penalized team in college football.

    12. Poached Silas Redd from Penn State.

    13. And worst of all, was ranked #1 preseason, and has lost 3 out of 9 games…

  • SoCalTrojans

    14. More concerned about M.Lee padding stats.

    15. Abandoned the run to break passing records.

    16. Playing M. Lee on D only to win the Heisman.

    • USConquer

      Monte Kiffin is what my Central American neighbor calls a “puto”