Game Prediction

The venerable gambling publication, the Gold Sheet, picks USC to defeat Arizona State, 34-27.

Excerpt: “While locals ponder if Lane “Tosh.O” Kiffin (there’s a resemblance, no?) might possibly throw papa and d.c. Monte`under the bus, others are suggesting that for Lane’s own sake he had better not lose to upcoming foes UCLA & Notre Dame.”

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  • I’ve been posting the Tosh.0 quip here for a year. Geez.

  • dtksr1

    If I were “Tosh.O” Kiffin (thanks Brad Hutchings), I would be worrying about the same, as Pat Haden will get bombarded like he never has, to do something if UCLA & ND wind up losses. (Losing to ASU won’t help either)

  • Stackfire

    This will be an opportune game to judge Coach Kiffin’s fitness for one of the best jobs in college football. Can he get his football team, coaches and players, to prepare hard and play hard on Saturday? At home? Against a weak opponent?

    The Arizona loss was inexcusable, particularly giving up two rushing first downs at the end and the clock management. The mismatch in size, speed, and talent was blatant.

    Oregon and USC on the other hand were well matched. Early mistakes made this look like a route, but USC actually entered the 4th quarter with the ball down 10 points.

    I know I am not the only one in the stands who could not believe that the Trojans were in their regular offense, burning 25 seconds per play, when we got the ball at midfield down 55-38 (3 scores) with 9 minutes to go. We took the clock from 9:15 to 5:27 to go 50 yards to cut the lead to 10. Two running plays. Two short passes. Going back to the huddle after every down. Was Coach Kiffin deliberately trying to run out the clock?
    Coaching is supposed to improve your chances for winning, not foreclose them. Lastly, do the Trojans happen to have any defensive backs besides McDonald (#7) who are willing to tackle and support run defense?