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USC wins but does anyone feel better about the Trojans? They were sluggish and uninspired for large parts of the game. And what is Lane Kiffin doing with Robert Woods? It’s almost like he discarded him.

The offense is basically Marqise Lee, Marqise Lee and Marqise Lee.

Not the way you want to head into UCLA and Notre Dame games.

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  • tqt888

    Pretty bad game overall. D bounced back though.

    The offense
    has been Lee Lee Lee and more Lee for a while now. I thought Kiffin was
    supposed to be a offensive mastermind? Is it that hard to spread the
    ball around more so D’s can’t just focus on Lee? Woods is a
    first round talent who is being used like a third stringer. Grimble is a
    great TE who disappears during games because of the game planning.
    just delete the WR screen from the playbooks. Defenses see it on tape
    so much that they know it’s coming. AZ St. got a pick 6 off it and
    almost had another one. Thank God Kiffin finally just let McNeal have the ball to take the ball away from Barkley.

    Add this to yet another game that shows how overrated Barkley is. How many INT’s did he have? 3
    and a dropped picked. Embarrassing

  • USConquer

    Coliseum looks empty. So long bandwagon fans!! I agree that its upsetting to see Woods wide open on a long route and Barkley opts for Lee on a 7 yard pass play…WTF?? Woods looked pissed off on the sideline.

  • Wolf, did you see Curtis McNeal? were you WATCHING the game? the beginning was terrible but i feel better about the team – just those damned turnovers…ugh.

  • TroyFan52

    I liked the run game. If the tight end makes the block the pick 6 never happens. All said though Scott’s word sluggish defines the first half. Need a significantly better effort the rest of the way. Until someone stops Lee, keep going. Can Stanford beat Oregon???

  • Independent_George

    I never thought is was possible to break numerous career conference passing records yet see your draft stock fall. Lane doesn’t help with terrible playcalling.

    And it will get worse at the combine, because he will measure less than 6’2″, he has small hands, cannot make plays with his feet and has average arm strength. And because of the spectacular Leinart/Sanchez flameouts, this will all combine to hurt him.

    He is actually a better and nicer Cade McNown.

    Late first round at best. More likely high second round.

    • carter

      Well, the ND game will be a lot more interesting now with Alabama losing to A&M, and thus playing for all the marbles. And don’t think the bRuins won’t be trying to avenge last years’ pasting.
      McNeal ran well, but had to as Silas did not play, and the D line really stepped up.
      Stanford’s last two games are Oregon & ucla!

    • TrojanFan

      Shit dude!, i didn’t know you were an NFL scout….right on!

    • 3rd round, maybe

  • EncinitasBruin

    Just quite relieved you guys took care of business. Would not have wanted to have faced an SC team coming off a third loss in a row. I don’t have a dog in the fight regarding Wolf, but man, the dude does always manage to find the little gray cloud on an otherwise perfectly sunny day, doesn’t he?

    • USConquer

      Enough with the Trojan ass kissing, Bruin.

      • It’s good practice for the real world. Appreciate the pecking order. FTFO!

      • SC72

        Not meaning to defend a bRuin, but how is he kissing ass?

        • USConquer

          He had written something else then he edited his comment.

  • hahahahahahahaha another basketball loser. Thank God for the NCAA. hahahahahahahahah Fucla hahahahahahahah…….ShaaaaaBAM.
    We aren’t that good. Barkey sucks. A fat version of John David Booty. Screw Woods. He’s gone next year anyway. Monty drank too much Ensure this am and Kiff forgot his reading glasses so he didn’t bury his head in that stupid play calling sheet. Bottom line: In honor of the bRuin douche bags, the kids are going to the Thai restaurant and eating BEANS. And that’s NO BS.

    • ThaiMex

      Nubsie…re the Shazzzzzzzam deal…the guy responsible for overseeing the recruitment activities of Shazzzzam was his father…Former Torgan knucklehead Ron Holmes. What’s with you Torgans and NCAA Violations? (can you Major in NCAA VIOLATIONS at SCUm?)
      fit on torgan (SUCks football….Over Rated, Under Inflated)

      • hahahahahahahaha Basketball Loser. ShaaaaaaaaBAM. I thought Sam Gilbert died with filthy Wooden. Pauley looks like a high school gym.

        • ThaiMex

          Talk about TRADITION…Cheatey Petey, Flim Flam Floyd, and now GOAT BOY representing SUCks football (OVER RATED and UNDERINFLATED). BTW…PAULEY looks GREAT with all those BANNERS hanging….We got Banners, you’ve got CURTAINS!!!! fit on Torgan (#1 in the pre season!)

          • Sctrojan90


          • TrojanFan

            The last time the ruins won one, bucket was still at home drinking nipple lecha

          • Talk about TRADITION: Sam Gilbert, Foul mouthed cheating Wooden, JD Boredom, 1/2 NC in football, girlyball, what a great f ing program hahahahahah ShaaaaaaaaaaaaBAM

          • ThaiMex

            PAULEY was SOLD OUT…..Standing ROOM ONLY! While e”Coli” was more than 1/2 empty for the “footbawl school”. LIMBO….where there’s only ONE WAY TO GO……LOWER!
            Fit on Torgan! (SUCks football…..OVER RATED and UNDER INFLATED)

          • Sctrojan90


          • TrojanFan

            Bucket ,you fuckin idiot, this is a Trojan site, no one around here gives a shit what’s going on over at Westwood high

          • TrojanFan

            There was 81,000 at the game, but with one eye shot out, thanks to bruinrob, i could understand why you thought it was 1/2 full

  • steve g

    So they throw to Lee all day. What does that have to do with next week. Granted Woods was open and got missed, but then Lee was open and got missed a couple of times. If we win next week would the ruin trolls please crawl back into their holes and go screw up their own blog.

  • steve g

    And Wolf, we head into the next two games coming off a win, much better than coming off losing 3 straight. I truly believe Haden is going to make a move after the season is over and Kiffen is going to make big changes or be gone.

  • ELConqueror

    That was an embarrassing ‘win’ and now I know there is such a thing. Woods, Lane!…..Woods! that’s all you need to know before u dig your stupid nose into your laminated menu next week. Barkley sucks. 3 interceptions??? Unf’ingbelievable. This is BS straight up now tell me do youreally wanna argue about this…..

    • TrojanFan

      Sloooow down dude!, you got your banana hammock all twisted… We won the game and covered the spread with room to spear, so what is so embarrassing about the win……should we put an asterisk by the win because you think it was an embarrassment….you need a new menu…lol

  • Kiffin focuses the ball on who he thinks is hot. Differs wildly from Chow who moved the ball to many players. To me, Chow made everybody ready to perform. I have not been a Kiffin fan, but even considering that, I am saddened by this year’s team. Personal records are small compensation for the the three losses. I didn’t see Oregon (can’t watch anymore) but Arizona and Standford outplayed the Trojans. I hope that SC defeats Westwood and ND…but I wouldn’t put money on it.