• Petros also thinks he was just as fast as Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight. Anyone remember this fat Greek in uniform? He was maybe faster than Aundrey Walker is now, but not by much. Petros likes to stir the pot and does not have much loyalty for SC so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

  • Nemesis

    Petros is no Trojan!

  • he thinks USC will win…im sure Scott would say the same thing as they are both cut from the same cloth.

  • Golden Trojan

    Petros trying to be the objective professional. These two teams are extremely close statistically. Points for/against (common opponents), USC 31 UCLA 29. Turnovers, UCLA +4 USC +2. Penalty yds/gm, USC 73 UCLA 90. UCLA has not played Oregon or Stanford (yet), barely beat WSU. Penalties and turnovers will be critical. USC by a late field goal, or wins comfortably (like the ASU game). 50-0 was too beautiful to be repeated. FIGHT ON!!!

  • rusoviet

    Petros likes to see himself as the west coast version of Kurt Herbstrei.t Problem for Papadakis is that with Herbstriet the ‘objectivism’ seems credible while Petros has the small matter of being a full-time comedian and sudenly then two or three times a year wants to be deemed as someone who is serious about his profession.

    • Golden Trojan

      He is more the Animal House Bluto.

  • john john

    Petros is to radio as to what you are to newsprint: a total @$$HOLE.
    His old man is one too.

    • Wow NOBS, I guess you didn’t get a free meal ?

      • john john

        Come On man. You know Scotty is an @$$hole. Here’s the lowdown: SC football sucks right now. Fucla ALWAYS sucks. Reality is that SC will NEVER win every game against the bRuins and everyone knows it. So they lose Sat? Either will get KILLED by the Ducks.

    • Petros’ old man used to buy a round for everyone within reaching distance when his kid scored a TD in the Coliseum. We’d all yell “send in the Greek” from about the 2 yard line nearest the tunnel.

  • oregon111

    USC plays down to pac12 level (or up in Oregon’s case) and then either pulls away or fades at the end

    UCLA will do their best, but their best is not nearly as potent as USC’s best,

    I hope UCLA wins so the Ducks don’t have to see Barkley & Lee & Woods & Aglor again this year

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    Should be a close game, very even. A pickem game