And Another Thing

Today’s decision to eliminate the planting of the sword at the Rose Bowl is not unusual in one respect. The band’s frequently been neutered like in 2007 when it accepted a move from the student section to the Sun Deck.

Officially, it was done to “enhance the sound” but it really was done to create more quality seats that could be sold to the highest bidder.

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  • neutered…perfect word for this trOXan team!!
    wolfman, you are the only trOXan with an ounce of guts!!
    the trOXans Band, Kiff, the Nabobs, the Dummies, are all stone PU$$IES!!!
    and thats NO BS!!! OUCH!!!

    • FightONtoVictory

      The PU$$IES aren’t the ones crying about having their field stabbed? Or are they the ones crying about USC’s band playing tUSC? Cry on Bucket!

    • Sctrojan90


  • FightONtoVictory

    fUCLA is the epitome of what is wrong with the world today. Everyone is so damn worried about hurting someone’s feelings, that just about everything is prohibited. Will we eventually no longer be allowed to cheer because it hurts the opposing team’s feelings? Granted, the bRuins are only doing this because they have thoroughly been owned by USC throughout it’s entire history, and they want to find a way to get back at USC because they sure as hell know they can’t do it on the field on a consistent basis. Cry on, bRuins. Cry on…

  • dtksr1

    `Don’t get me started on this band bleacher subject Scott Wolf. I have been harping about those tacky high school bleachers behind the goalposts on the East end of the field from the very beginning. Right behind those bleachers are empty seats with frigging jerseys spread across them. Can anyone tell me why this tacky bullshit is?

    • Golden Trojan

      Because corrupt politicians in LA won’t blow the thing up and build a modern stadium. The same goes for the Rose Bowl, what a dump.

  • USConquer

    Use the sword to lop Mora’s head off.

  • ThaiMex

    what’s with SUCks and all the stabbing (O.J.?), and shooting? Wasn’t it some SUCks LOW LIFE doing the stabbing at the Rose Bowl last year?
    Fit on Lowlifes!

    • john john

      The were of your ilk..

  • john john

    Old news. The band shouldn’t have been on the 50 to begin with. If the drum major does NOT plant the sword, the band should have to sit in Tunnel 1 row 74 with Bucket all next year. THERE ARE NO BALLS AT USC! Bring back Garrett.

  • radioman3

    the TMB is better than the UCLA shuffling band. The USC football team is better than the UCLA squad. Let’s just stick to the point about the insecurities aplenty displayed by the UCLA administration. Oh, by the way the entering SAT and ACT scores are higher too, stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.