No Sword

Here’s the official statement from the USC marching band that says the drum major will not stab his sword into the field at the Rose Bowl. Link here.

“It is important to protect a great rivalry and to conduct it in the most mutually respectful way possible,” said band director Art Bartner.

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  • john john

    Guess Bartner wants to make sure he get his pension.

  • In other news, UCLA has adopted a new mascot: The Vagina. Now, someone make a joke about them attacking our embassy.

    • maze949

      Your “guy” is the one wearing the skirt. Cheat on!

      • You’re the one with fags for “cheerleaders” and an old queen doing the 8 clap

    • An advantage I thought of overnight to this change. Final score… Trojans 50, Vagina 0. Headline: Trojans lick Va…. This has lots of potential. Like Stanford, their team name is just singular.

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!!!
    classic PU$$Y behavior!!!
    big talk, followed IMMEDIATELY by a big BACKDOWN!!!!!!
    trOXan Nation is DEAD!!!
    i am Guaran-fing-teee Bruin VICTORY!!!!!
    Honey Boo Boo: four picks. you read it here first dummies!!!!

  • john john

    Do you think the StanfUrd band would back down?

    • Golden Trojan

      Hell no

  • Golden Trojan

    You don’t protect a great rivalry by watering down its traditions. Good natured fun and smack talk is all it should be. Too many people are overly sensitive about their self esteem and respect. If you have no confidence in yourself then you can’t take a joke and will over react. BEAT THE BRUINS, U… C… L… A… SUCKS!!!

    • gillyking

      Hell the rivalry was destroyed when 50-00 happened.. everything else is a non issue. Hey bRUINS, you have to be able to compete to be a genuine rival!