Quick Thought

Why doesn’t the USC band take a box of sod with it to the Rose Bowl for the drum major to stab at midfield so that technically it isn’t touching the UCLA logo?

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  • Quick Thought II: did anyone else notice how the Nattering Nabobs fled the blog like rats leaving a sinking barge first chance they got????
    yup, i suspect the paralegal, conquer troxan, jezro, papa g., webb etc etc etc all left using the excuse of the new blog format to slink over the starboard bow!!!
    when it is painfully obvious, they simply saw the writing on the wall and realized the Classy Cadre’s predictions were all coming true on after the other.
    one after the other.
    one after the other.
    Honey Boo Boo needs you guys….and you abandon him like this? to be assailed by the Cadre?? man, that’s cold…

  • Golden Trojan

    Some one call the Stanford band and get some ideas on mocking the furries. Rolling out a cart with Coli sod is not bad.

  • radioman3

    excellent idea, had the same thought, or just stab it at the 40 yard line.