Reader Suggestion

A reader suggested Lane Kiffin spring Cody Kessler as a surprise weapon against UCLA or Notre Dame for some plays where the quarterback is expected to run or roll out or insert a spread formation play. Any thoughts?

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  • Kessler may play full time….Honey BOO BOO is close to a meltdown….i sense it!!!
    oh Mecry Nurse!!!!!!!!
    i KNEW when i saw Honey BOO BOO being paraded around on stage with those Heismans, he was gonna tank BIG TIME this year!!!
    so far, Chucker Bucker is DEAD ON RIGHT!!!!!

    • Sctrojan90


      • SoCal_Native_59

        It never gets old 50-0000000000000000

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Remember when honey boo boo hung 50 on you sorry asswipes last year? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • TrojanFan

      The only thing that was “DEAD ON” was the bullet(cum shot) you took to the eye, from bruinrob….how about a triple ouch!!!!!


  • Nemesis

    UCLA runs a variation of the spread option offense…you don’t think their defense sees a lot of the spread in practice?

    Using Kessler in the spread might confuse Monte Kiffen’s defense, but I don’t think it’ll work against UCLA.

  • No.

  • dtksr1

    More & more college offenses are using QBs who can run options as well as pass. they harder than hell to stop too. Seems a few of those offenses kicked our asses in the past, Oregon, Texas, K State and a few others. Just ask multi-millionaire Monte Kiffin who can’t stop it!

    • USConquer

      Fire Monte Kiffin

  • How about a mention of the basketball team Scotty. I mean since they had a game today and actually handled there Big West opponent with ease, unlike that awesome team across town.

    • Golden Trojan

      Really, you need to go to over time to beat Irvine?

      • You know im an SC fan right? Im pissed cause Scotty wont cover our basketball team. And yes OT vs Irvine, next stop is Final 4. haha

  • EncinitasBruin

    So much for the surprise, I guess.

  • here’s another suggetion for trOXans: sit on it!!!
    8 and 5 and barely alive!!!!!
    and now a question: does this mark the end of the trOXans legendary “BCS champeenship-less Dynasty”??

    i have to hand it to the trOXans, when it came to having a “DYNASTY” with no actual BCS CHampeenships, you guys are the BEST!!!

    • Golden Trojan

      50-0, who owns LA?

    • TrojanFan

      2 AP titles work just as good……When was the last time the ruins even got a sniff at a BCS game….When bucket was still at home shitting in his diapers

  • Golden Trojan

    Sure, if you have practiced the spread and can run with the speed and efficiency like Oregon. Otherwise it will be as ineffective as the wildcat, which fools no one. Just run your offense that can put up points, don’t make dumb ass personal fouls, don’t fumble or throw interceptions, fly on defense, win 50-0.

  • radioman3

    STUPID, don’t need the option or wishbone or whatever the hell against an inferior team. Same goes for the golden domers. This idea will just increase the probability of a turnover, something that really hurts.

  • TroyFan52

    Kiff will never do it. Never. And what if he did and the kid fumbled? Big time dog house….

  • TroyFan52

    Very concerned with this game by the way. UCLA hitting stride. They beat the irish next week by at least 14…….