Stop The Sword

It sounds like later today there will be some type of statement regarding the USC drum major planting his sword in the field at the Rose Bowl. From what I’m hearing on campus, out of respect USC is expected to agree not to plant the sword.

And here I was pondering all the ways UCLA might prevent the band from performing if it did plant the sword. How many security personnel would be required to stop an entire marching band from taking the field?

Would Rose Bowl security escort the drum major to midfield and confiscate his sword before he planted it?

These are the questions enquiring minds wanted to know.

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  • Out of respect for the Bruins, the TMB should play “UCLA Sucks” after every TD. Kiffin and Barkley need to hang 70 on these clowns.

    • Mike

      Yeah, get these clowns. Jersey switching, ball deflating arses. Oh, wait…that wasn’t them.

  • dtksr1

    I’d like to remind the webmaster, its about the game played on the field… not what goes on before or after it!

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Nestor the molester and bRuins nation have been whining about this for years. fucla finally found a “mora”on to take them seriously.

    • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0


  • The solution to this would be to start a tradition that if we won the game previously played at the Rose Bowl then we’re allowed to plant the sword. If we lose, then we don’t on our next visit. Don’t like the sword planting? Then win the game.

  • gillyking

    These are the kinds of questions that come from a moron instead of a professional journalist hosting a football blog on city rivalry week. Yeah Scotty, you never fail to cement your reputation as a childish clown, posing as a journalist. Heck Wolf, even the newcomer that has taken Michael Lev’s blog over at the Register is blogging material that, compared to you, makes you look irrellevant and childish.

  • joeybbadd

    Does anyone else realize the drum major plants the sword at home also?

  • Supposedly they’re asking the Band not play Tusk because of the UCLA SUCKS line. No joke

    • Steve

      I once knew someone way back when, most likely before most of you other bloggers were born, who was with the Trojan Marching Band. That was way back when the TMB destroyed the interior of an airliner on the way back from Notre Dame. USC lost that particular game. According to him, usually by half time the entire Marching Bank was totally intoxicated. I really don’t things have changed that much since then.

      • yeah, when I was in school all the TMB had to do was chant “Beer for the band” and countless students would run to the concession stands to fetch beer. With the no-alcohol rule at the Coliseum it’s probably not quite as easy anymore. I’m sure some could sneak flasks in or whatever but I’m guessing not as many partake….

  • Golden Trojan

    Just UCLA jealousy of great Trojan traditions. We have mascots that are warriors with weapons, and on horseback. They have a couple of furries prancing around. The Drum Major has done this everywhere, home and away, since forever, right? This game is about tradition and rivalry. Have fun Bruins, boo the USC Band and Drum major if you must. Don’t be a bunch of namby-pamby, politically correct, jack wagons. Further proof that, U… C… L… A… SUCKS.

  • Adam

    I am just going to have to plant my skin sword in a UCLA girl later

  • john john

    Pu$$y Pat will cave. Mike Garrett would have planted the sword HIMSELF! We are turning into a bunch of pu$$ys. Who in the hell is willing to stand up to this administration. I hope the drum major says F U to SC and Fucla and plants that Fing sword on Sat. He will go down in history as a hero. And that’s no bs

  • Golden Trojan

    So SC’s admin caved to the liberal, politically correct wussy state that California has become. What’s next, ban the carrying of swords all together. Maybe they will find some wacko Turkish-Americans that find the Trojan mascot offensive and disrespectful. Maybe PETA will ban Traveller. Welcome to the People’s Republic of California comrades. Crush these guys on Saturday.

  • Q: How many security personnel would be required to stop an entire marching band from taking the field?
    A: none, evidently. cause you trOXan pu$$ies backed down just based a vague
    web site threat!!!!!
    next year im gonna take a dump at mid-field of the Muasoleum and none of you trOXans pu$$ies will do sh!t…