Vandals struck in Westwood in the first act of graffiti during Rivalry Week. And there is Internet chatter that UCLA might prevent the USC drum major from planting his sword in the Rose Bowl field. It certainly bothers UCLA fans. Link here.

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  • wow wolfman, unusual the trOXans don’t have the guts to even trash talk this year!! i wonder how many picks Honey Boo Boo will toss on Saturday???
    one thing is clear: if the trOXans fall behind, they are TOAST, as validated by the wolfman!!! because Honey Boo Boo child has NEVER led a comeback nor does he have even ONE signature win!!!
    in FOUR years?? HAWR-HAWR!!
    trust me Dummies, wolfman has FORGOTTEN more about trOXan foosball than you all will ever know!!!!

  • Captain’s Log: still no sign of the Gutless Nabobs…..Paralegal, WEBB, Jezro, etc. all we get is crappy NUBS….its like tuning into Charlie’s Angels and getting a Shelly Hack episodel!!
    cmon, chickens, i know the TOTAL COLLAPSE has been tough!!!
    i know it’s hard to watch as ALL the Cadre’s predictions come true!!!
    tough it out! Honey Boo Boo needs your support!!!

    • john john

      F U $h!t bucket. You might win. Big Fing deal. You could win 9 in a row, like you did, and you’re STILL second class. In fact, you’re lower than that as you NEVER graduated from college and probably from high school.

  • USC has won 24 Rose Bowl Games while the bear cubs can only claim 5. I think there should be some sort of campaign to stop them from putting “UCLA” on the field of what is really USC’s second home.

    • The NCAA does not take that thing lightly and would come down hard on UCLA/players. In which case, I endorse it.

  • How about he sticks that sword up Bucket’s ass? Oh wait, Charles might enjoy it

  • SoCal_Native_59

    They’re worried about the drum major stabbing the field when they did to stop the recievers from stabbing the ball into the endzone. Silly bRuins, will they ever learn, football is for Trojans not for teddybears

  • thats some crappy artwork – thats some cheeseball crap – we can do better than that!