Kiffin Message To Fans

Here is Lane Kiffin’s message on sportsmanship. It is worth watching to see how little Kiffin appears to enjoy doing it.

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  • GAWD whats wrong with this ‘tard?? i’ve seen more charisma from a bag of pencils. what’s wrong Kiff? no little Dixie cups to swat??




    Kiff, get it right. UCLA is NOT USC’s biggest rival. 50-0….12 of 13…that is NOT a rival. Notre Dame is the big rival. Like the great late Marv Goux used to say about the USC-ND game: “Big Man vs. Big Man”. UCLA? They are little bears. Not scary at all. Love it that they think they have a chance again. LOVE IT! I predict USC 42 UCLA 14….

  • john john

    Of course Kiff hates it. He’s the only guy that is NOT a Pu$$y in SC athletics. SW, even youare a Pu$$y.

  • rusoviet

    What? 1 win in 12 years and somehow the opponent is ‘relevant’? Look I won’t take away their skill – this is the best they have been since 1998 then again what’s that tell you?

    Tonight on PMS they dragged out Donahue you know the one that Papadakis ‘claims’ is the best the bel-airians ever had as a coach – never mind Red Sanders or Tommy Prothro – no instead it’s ‘Terry and the Pirates’ part deux.

    I will say this – I do believe U Clowns Lost Again will give a better fight then the Fighting Nigerians on the 24th ‘because’ the bel-airians have played through the Pac-12 (well not OR or WA but the rest).

    Having said that USC defeats UCLA and then makes Kelley cry on ‘Oprah’s Show’ – opps almost forgot – go Obama – you go man another four years of your ‘kool daddio’ chic and all the bel-airians to root for you.

  • He reads a cue card just like Obummer, poorly and with no sincerity.

    • FightONtoVictory

      don’t ever compare Bane Kiffin to Obama Bin Laden

  • Kiffin’s message of sportsmanship on the field will be to drop 70 on the Bruins and go for two up 68-0 with :30 remaining. #FTFO. Beat the Vagina.

  • ThaiMex

    I didn’t realize GOAT BOY was cross eyed. Somebody smack that idiot on the back of the head…He’s such a poor liar…perfect when it comes to lacking morals,,would probably make a great used car salesman, but the guy has no personality. Perfect for The University of Stupid Cheaters.
    fit on Goat boy!

  • his wife MUST be getting a monthly check from Montgomery Kiffin to stay married to this dolt!!
    but then, she has that Meth-sheeek trailer trash look, so maybe it was true love!!!
    fit on trOXans!!!!!

  • I thought USC had an awesome communications dept. WHAT? NO TELEPROMPTER? Obvious cue cards from camera right. Ow well, how many people will be wearing their 50-0 shirts from last year? I WILL I WILL.

  • 12 of the last 13
    and 50-0 on the last.