Under Wraps

The statue of John McKay outside the McKay Center got the protective treatment today, a few days later than other statues on campus.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ben-Doverz/1423558008 Ben Doverz

    LOL, look at the black dude in the back. Doing nothing, getting paid, it’s good to be a minority hire !

    • john john

      He a SUPER!

    • Sctrojan90

      Fuck you. Seriously.

    • grave soul

      Ignorant. SMH.

  • john john

    Holy $h!t. That’s bRuinBoob in disguise!! Arrest that man!

  • grave soul

    Why am I not surprised that trojans always resort back to racist and ignorant comments all over this blog? Thanks for the reminder, Ben. Wolf’s blog is rife with the ignorance that they teach at Figueroa Tech–always on full display.

  • grave soul

    It makes me laugh that if you go to other teams’ blogs, fans generally treat one another with a certain amount of respect and cordiality. On here, trojans continuously show the world how crude, rudimentary, and ignorant they truly are on an minute-by-minute basis. Gotta love it!

    Thanks for making this blog happen, Wolf!