OK, time for some game week banter. Who do fans think will win the game? Who thought UCLA would have a better record? Does it matter that UCLA did not play Oregon? Can USC stop a running quarterback? Should Lane Kiffin be fired? So many questions.

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  • john john

    Fucla fans are nasty and low class for the most part. SC has their share but not nearly as many as the bRuins. It’s all about jealousy. They know it, we know it. Sure, SC will not win every game every year, but the TRUTH is SC is BETTER than Fucla in EVERY way.

  • radioman3

    Here is a slice of a post from a Bay Area columnist re: uniforms”

    “And many teams do both, and have done so for years. Look around the college
    game. The very best teams embrace tradition. USC’s uniform hasn’t
    changed….forever, it seems. The same is true with Texas, Oklahoma, LSU,
    Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Florida State, etc. Penn State has added players’
    names to the jerseys, but that’s all.

    Those schools are saying, “We pick the players AND the uniforms. We uphold
    tradition on OUR campus.” Getting the picture, Cal?”

  • ThaiMex

    nubsie….and your Hot Wheels collection is better than anyone’s! No wonder you are all proud and arrogant.
    fit on torgan

    • TrojanFan

      Not sure about the Hots wheels or why a grown man would have a collection, but a proud and arrogant USC fan, would be spot on.

      You stupid asshole, it’s Fight On!

      Bucket, I’m sure you’re extremely proud of your jockstrap collection….ouch!

    • john john

      Too many beers and tacos again?

  • TrojanFan

    The burning question around here is, should the wolfman get fired, for plain stupidity.

    The bigger question is, can the ruins #103 ranked pass Defense, stop the Trojan’s passing game….maybe some more video game numbers for Lee

  • Golden Trojan

    Fight On, a slogan for sports, a motto for life. Go Trojans. UCLA showed how pathetic they are with the sword issue. No other school with any pride would do such a thing. Are they afraid their thug fans are gonna knife somebody again?

    • say what??? listen Dummy, if you trOXans are gonna stick your little tin sword in the field…THEN JUST DO IT!!!

      don’t ask for PERMISSION like a bunch of PU$$IES!!! and then, when we say dont do it, you trOXans roll over and show your belly like a Preferred Plus dancer running a special!!!


      lo, the end of the BCS Champeeeenship-less Dynasty is at hand!!!

      you guys got the Buffalo Bills beat two times over!!!

      • Golden Trojan

        Check your carbon monoxide alarm, Bucket, I think you’re seeing things;

        Here’s BILL PLASCHKE LA Times – “Trojans agree to UCLA’s request that their drum major not plant the sword at midfield before the pregame show Saturday. …USC quickly and classily agreed to the request…Though a UCLA spokesman declined to comment on the request, it was apparently based on complaints from alumni… Kenny Morris, who was the USC drum major for the 2009 season. “It’s
        about the Trojan family, all of us uniting for one single moment before
        we’re ready to play, symbolizing that it’s time to get down, time to
        start the game and get behind the team.”

        The Wimpie the Pooh bears at UCLA are intimidated by a college kid dressed in a costume, sticking a fake sword in the ground, we don’t to kill you, we just want to win. Chill out and leave your knives at home.

  • the Cadre is GUARAN-FING-TEEING a Bruin win on Sat!!!

    so let it be written so let it be done!!!

    now Dummies, when was the last time Chucker Bucker was wrong about something??? thought so.

    no WONDER the Nattering Nabobs are all COWERING behind their mamas skirts!! no tienes cajones, hotos!!!!


    • ELTROJ

      We all know you were wrong since the 2nd grade when they covered punctuation. 50-0…12 of 13…OUCH!

  • john john

    You Fucla idiots make my case perfectly. You say EVERY year you are going to beat SC. DUDE, we know ONE year you will. Maybe it’s this one, who knows. Doubt it, but could happen. So F U. Don’t care. You are low life second class fans…..PERIOD.

    • ThaiMex

      Classy torgans? Where to begin? Shootings on Campus, murders just off campus, Forfeited trophy’s, Sanctions, DRUNK COACHES, O.J., deflated balls, Lying Coaches, South Central Location, you knuckleheads still believe what that “GENIUS” Garrett said, right before the NCAA hung one on you twits.
      There’s more than a couple of J.C.’s out there with better academic reputations than Figueroa Tech. Hell, a few years ago, many of your football players were attending TRADE TECH because the classes were “BETTER”.
      LIMBO U, there’s only one way to go!
      Fit on torgan

      • john john

        Right bean, but Fucla is NOT one of them. Question: Did you graduate from college? Don’t lie now. Your grammar says a lot about you. Like Ignorant.

  • dtksr1

    Jousting & joking aside, this is going to be a close game. I don’t see it becoming a runaway at all. Kiffin is not going to show any fancy-dazzling plays he has planned for Norte Dame & suckering Manti Te’o, but he has to win this game and will depend on his defense & Monte Kiffin to give Barkley an opportunity for a signature come from behind score to win this game.

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Here’s a question. fucla only has to beat USC on their home field for the 2nd time in 14 years to secure a chane to Play Oregon for the PAC12 championship. Will they CHOKE? HELL YES.

  • Golden Trojan

    I see a repeat of last week, defense steps up in second half, USC by 3 touchdowns, 35-14. Unless… USC turns it over and gets suckered into a chippy personal foul fest. Then USC gets a field goal to win at the end.

  • oregon111

    sadly, as bad as usc plays against most pac12 teams, they always play their best vs ucla….

    maybe their new coach will get ucla ready to be competitive?
    it has to happen sometime

    the usc drum major is a dipsh!t running around in a halloween costume

    • TrojanFan

      The guy running around in that duck costume is a bigger dipshit….just saying……slow down on the koolaid,

      You need to send Saban a Christmas present

      Before the NCAA puts the hammer down on the ducks, Kelly will be long gone…..I could see it happening after this season

      • Golden Trojan

        What’s the dirt on the ducks, or is it just wishful thinking? Any Mascot in an animal suit is lame, but not as bad as a stupid ass tree.