Mora Message

And here’s a much-more engaged  and lively UCLA coach Jim Mora with his message to the fans about sportsmanship, complete with condescending “Southern Cal” reference.

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  • I don’t know anyone who thinks the term “Southern Cal” is an insult.

  • Golden Trojan

    The only thing the Wimpie the Pooh Bears have going for them is their coach is more comfortable in front of the camera.

    that what Kiff called them the day he got this god-forsaken job!!!
    what does Honey Boo Boo call them????
    i wonder if HBB walks his little pig Glitzy, around campus on a leash???

  • oh i almost forgot,
    SWEEEEET scooopin’ wolfman!!!!

  • They hired this guy for Transformers 4? What is the plot of that movie going to be? Former Funky Buncher takes team that lost to Trojans 50-0 in 2011, gets them to a winning record, then craps the bed on his own home field to lose 70-0 the following year. The remaining Bruin crowd after halftime chants “Neuheisel” while the TMB plays Tusk for 2 quarters straight.

  • I’m a longtime SC alum and supporter and have always like Southern Cal. It is interesting to note that while the University publicly disavows the name, they are sure to sell items in the bookstore every couple of years emblazoned with Southern Cal so that they keep the trademark. Maybe they don’t dislike it that much? And also, Mora spent a lot of time around football growing up and Southern Cal is absolutely a name that is positively recognized by the rest of the country – I doubt Mora had any slight intended. Fight On! Beat the Bruins!

  • i didnt realize the coaches were paid large bags of money to make great public service announcements. the messages the players repeat on the radio are equally as bad. glad mora took a drama class – big deal. coaches are paid to win games – lane better win this game.

  • Amir

    Eat shit and die SW, you faggot fuck. Go suck some Bruin dick you fuckin dick.