Speaking Of Tradition

Since USC is no longer allowed to plant the sword in the field at the Rose Bowl, how about the Trojans abolish a couple other traditions on Saturday, like silver cleats and red socks.

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  • Geeezus!!! if you’re gonna stab the field, just DO IT for crissakes!!! stop asking permission!! what PU$$IES!!!!

  • john john

    Agree Wolfman. And SC should ban bald writers that always play gotcha.

  • grave soul

    These are all lame, uncreative traditions anyway. Good riddance!

  • rusoviet

    I’m for getting that ‘pee-chee’ decal off the side of the USC helmet and finding a helmet for the automaton with the sword with ‘feathers’ that don’t look like they went through a car wash.

    Oh almost forgot – time for the 8 clap ready?

    U clap clap clap clap
    Clowns clap clap clap clap
    Lost clap clap clap clap
    Again clap clap clap clap

    U Clown Lost A-gain gain gain gain!