My Pick

This is an extremely tough game to pick because it really is close and can go either way. UCLA seems to have more spirit. USC has more talent but even last week sleepwalked through the first half.

And I have little faith Lane Kiffin will outcoach Jim Mora. And this game means a lot more to the Bruins after last year’s 50-0 loss. UCLA does trouble me because it has not played Stanford or Oregon.

So I am going to pick USC for one reason: The emotion of the crosstown rivalry means Kiffin becomes less of a factor. He doesn’t need to get the Trojans emotionally ready, the rivalry does it.

Here’s my score: USC 45, UCLA 37

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  • I can agree with this rationale.

  • wolfman, it is utter and profound respect, that i obsequiously beg to respectfully and humbly disagree with you, as loathsome as that is to a member of the Cadre Executive Council…but the trOXans will not win.

    the reason is simple: Mora won’t let Lee beat him. we will triple team him if we have to. but doesn’t that mean Honey Boo Boo will destroy us with his other NFL caliber weapons??? no, Honey Boo Boo will try to force the ball to Lee no matter what. that’s where the INT’s will come from.

    so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

    all you Dummies know that Chucker Bucker’s prediction accuracy is 95-98% accurate (2% margin of error).

    • ThaiMex

      Sooooo much going on..

      -Shazzzzzzzzam has been reinstated by The NCAA after UCLA dealt with the NCAA in the appropriate manner (pay attention Torgans!)

      -Extension of Tennessee’s probationary period due to additional infractions during the Goat Boy era……..MERCY NURSE! Liars, cheats and SUCks go together as well as cheese and crackers.
      -Chucker…it has been confirmed..The Soiled potty mouthed TWIT posting as a Torgan is actually the illegitimate love child of NUBSIE (for his JUVENILE stupid potty mouth) and “OWN’S (for EXCESSIVE inane post’s..154 and counting)
      -Got info from a close friend….We haven’t heard from Jethro because he was BANNED from this site because he was just plain BORING. This is fact and not another wacky conspiracy theory.
      Chucker….PARTY SATURDAY ? DANGER…BEWARE….The Count and Yoda have already started booozing it up!
      fit on torgan!

      • Thai….eres en FUEGO, hombre!!!
        (Thai you are on fire, man!!!)

        did you notice how the Bruins went on the OFFENSIVE and smacked the NCAA over the head with the witness who announced on a plane the NCAA had made it’s decision BEFORE they got the EVIDENCE???? the NCAA backed down like the wittle punks they are!!!


        meanwhile the trOXAns lay down and show their belly to the NCAA time and time again like a Preferred Plus gal running a special!!!!


        • FightONtoVictory

          Wow, this guy just had a 4-post long conversation with himself. That’s pretty God-damned impressive.

      • AH! AH! AH!

        THAI you are not whistlink Dixie, you son uff a b@stard!!

        I haff been drinkink Bloody Marys schince 9am!!

        Und now zee crazy Yoda just cut off zee head off of zee flamboyant horzie vis his Light Schaber!!!

        AH! AH! AH!

      • john john

        Glad to see the porch monkey gets to play. BTW, the NCAA PROVED he took money. The NCAA NEVER proved Reggie took money. hmmmmm. Anyway, who cares? How’s the welfare line?

        • ThaiMex

          HUH????? How’d you knuckleheads end up on PROBATION w/ all those SANCTIONS? PORCH MONKEY? now that’s impressive nubsie. Mighty white of you! Like my frat bro. Chucker once said….Not all Racist are Conservatives, but all Conservatives are Racist! Why so angry? Did your boy toy MONO run off with Team Ball boy?
          fit on!