Pick The Score

Time to pick a winner for the big game. If you pick the exact score correctly, you win a copy of EA Sports’ NCAA ’13 college football game (PS3 version). Valid email required with score.

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  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    3-star athletes cannot stay with 4 & 5-star athletes (after the emotion wears off) all game long unless too many mistakes are made to keep them in the game.
    USC 38 UCLA 31

    • grave soul

      Now, what was that again about 3 vs. 4 & 5 star athletes?

  • 38 USC – 34 UCLA

  • gambit

    33 UCLA – 30 usc

  • Golden Trojan

    USC 34
    UCLA 24

  • Tom Floyd

    USC 39
    ucla 36

  • Trojans 55
    Losers 12

    TMB plays Tusk non-stop through 2nd half. Debuts new song, RATT’s “Way Cool Junior” as Jim Mora, Jr. meets General Lane Kiffin on their logo for the first of many surrenders. Then onward to a worthy rival!

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    UCLA 38

    USC 30

    • ThaiMex

      Great score prediction!

      • lifetime Bruin Fan

        Thank You, I’m just glade we got a win.

  • oneohsixseven

    USC : 52
    UCLA : 48

    Fight On!

  • david kato

    usc 24

    ucla 21


    Trojans 33

    fucla 7

  • USC 35
    UCLA 30

  • UCLA 38

    Southern Cal 27

    Honey Boo Boo throws 4 Picks!!


    • ThaiMex

      Chucker….you my friend are truly AMAZING…..missed the exact score by ONE FRIGGIN POINT!
      nice going amigo!

  • senioreditor

    USC 28 UCLA 27

  • ThaiMex

    U-C-L-A 47
    SUCks 32


    USC 42
    UCLA 14

  • grave soul

    UCLA 41
    USC 35

  • coolbeanfive

    UCLA 38
    USC 35

  • OMG!!! Chucker Bucker is RIGHT AGAIN!!!

    i missed the score by one point! and that figured a missed PAT!!!

    oh, Chucker Bucker, you did it AGAIN!!!!

  • grave soul

    @facebook-100001285284009:disqus Hey Scott, it’s time to award one of the premier padrinos of the cadre the PS3 game you promised. Nice going, Chucker Bucker!! I’m always impressed by your prowess at postulating!
    Reasoning always trumps delusional trojie takes on tacky triumphs.

    #38-28! #Alliteration Nation!