Barkley Hurt

Quarterback Matt Barkley separated his shoulder near the end of the UCLA game, according to sources.

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  • Rollo

    Barkley led Orange County in INTs his senior year in high school, is leading the Pac-12 in INTs his senior year of college. SC has a horrible track record of churning out great NFL skilled players as of late. Someone is going to waste a first round pick on this guy, he is nothing more than hype. Mater Dei hype and USC hype. Buyer beware, history of interceptions and no mobility is not a recipe for success in the NFL. You won’t have a giant talent disparity in the NFL against cornerbacks the way he does now with Lee and Woods.

  • Independent_George

    Eff Rollo. I think it’s been established that Barkley is a competent college quarterback, but is not the second coming . . .

    That said, if Tuerk was playing so great, why was walker in the game when Barr ran right past him and drove Barkley into the ground.

    This is another example of Kiffen negligence.

    • Wasn’t Max blocking the DE?

  • Now Lane Kiffin will get a pass if Notre Dame works us over.

    Hopefully Matt Barkley will be back to 100% by the time the NFL Combine comes around.

    • MrX

      “100% by the time the NFL Combine comes around.”?? Why? So Sanchez won’t be the slowest, most inaccurate qb in the league?

  • when Jordan Zumwalt was hit by a car and injured, you trOXans were joking about it.

    i went on record saying that unfortunately would create bad Karma and come back to haunt you guys…so it was written, so it was done.

    Karma can be a bee-yatch, eh??

    • TrojanFan

      That least Barks had his helmet on

    • ELTROJ

      Win the PAC12 title or it’s all for naught….

      • EncinitasBruin

        ElTroj, I disagree. UCLA was picked to finish behind Utah in the South, and analysts had the Bruins at 6-6 to 8-4. To legitimately win the PAC-12 South (unlike last year, when we backed in without earning it), with decisive wins over USC and Arizona, and a tough road win against ASU, is a huge leap forward for the program. To be 9-2 with three games remaining is a phenomenal accomplishment, particularly in the cross-town recruiting wars.

        BTW, will you be in the Coliseum this Saturday? Good luck against ND, and I hope MB makes a swift recovery.

  • realtrojan

    I really feel sorry for this guy, especially for an unfulfilled dream he stayed another year in school for. That said, I’m really puzzled as to why he’s so sluggish in his steps before releasing the ball. I mean, he moves like a 350-pound lineman. Is this guy out of shape due to the lack of physical conditioning? He’s just so predictable in his moves, too. If there’s any silver lining to all this is that it won’t be that hard to find his replacement next year among the ones that are waiting in the wings.

    • oh cry me a river….this Pious Passer was showboating and pointing at the scoreboard when he beat us as a Sophmore, not very “Pious” for mr christian rocker…..a very poor sport who has now been served his payback. and its a beeeyatch!!

      Honey Boo Boo fall down, go BOOM!!

    • carter

      Not one QB on the current roster has any better mobility or accuracy than the Pious one.
      The Trojans are playing football as if it is 2005, not 2012.
      Pocket QBs are yesterday’s news.

      • TrojanFan

        “Pocket QBs are yesterday’s news.”

        Hey idiot, tell that to a NFL scout….the path of the NFL starts with the college game

      • EncinitasBruin

        Barkley’s a stud, and it was special to see him in person yesterday. But I agree with the “pocket QB” comment. The trend in CBS now is toward dual-threat, mobile quarterbacks. See the top three freshmen QB’s in the nation as an example: Manziel, Mariota, and Hundley.


    Anyone notice the last 6 plays after UCLA clinched the game, UCLA had unsportsmanlike and intentional offsides? Way to stay classy.

    • Yep. Franklin “slashes”, the band can’t put a butter knife in sod. Just shows how much more it means to bRuins to win than the other way around. Anyway, I for one will let my maid celebrate and give her Monday morning off.

    • EncinitasBruin

      I was very disappointed with Franklin’s throat-slash. Reminded my of R.J. Soward’s infamous throat action in the ’96 game, when SC was up 38-21 with about 10 minutes left, but UCLA stormed back to win in OT. Franklin’s normally a very classy kid, and that’s the first time in four years that I’ve seen him do something unsportsmanlike.. Emotions took over, but still not okay. What I was impressed with, both before, during, and after the game, was the way fans conducted themselves. A lot more civil than recent years.