Barkley Reaction

“I played up and down. I fought as hard as I could. There were times I feel we could have blown the game open. I take fault for that too.”

— USC quarterback Matt Barkley

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  • Sctrojan90

    Seriously? He threw a pick on the first play of the game

  • has a QB every gone an entire FOUR YEAR career without EVER leading a 4th Qtr comeback???

    i doubt it. another record for Honey Boo Boo!!!

    • Sctrojan90

      50-0. It will always hang around your neck.

      • sorry poor baby, i know it hurts….the biggest flop in a decade!!!

        from #1 to unranked!!!

        Honey Boo Boo fall down, go BOOM!!!

        • Sctrojan90

          50-0 like a tattoo on your forehead

          • ProbationU

            the new number…dip wad is 38-28

          • Sctrojan90

            50-0 like a stray dog with mange that follows you around

          • Paul

            sounds like my former USC-grad groundskeeper…

          • ProbationU

            guess the kraft fight hunger bowl is your unfinished business. 38-28 douche.

          • PU, not so fast. You stil have to play Stanford, probably twice. You lose both and you may wind up in Frisco

        • ThaiMex

          Chucker….check out this little GEM…..

          The Biggest over rated team in all history. No TEAM has EVER gone from being ranked #1 to UN-ranked in one season. None until now!
          Fit on Torgan

    • ELTROJ

      Maybe you missed his freshman year at Ohio St and the 18-15 with the game winning TD with 1:05 remaining? Get your facts straight.

  • ThaiMex

    This just in….(you can’t spell doUSChbag with out USC)
    Pedro Moura ‏@PedroMoura
    Lane Kiffin escaped the road locker room after the loss to
    UCLA through an emergency exit, school employees said

    Typical So Cal.
    fit on torgan!

  • you can’t spell dirty mexican without using ThaiMex

    • Paul

      umm… where’s the “h”?

  • Respect, MB7.

  • Bluefynn

    I like the latest update in his wikidpedia that says his business is
    finished. After the classless lowlife way he mocked us his freshmen year
    when that loser Carroll threw a TD bomb on us late, i think it was
    completely karmic that his final memory of the rose bowl was having his
    fat body crushed into the turf and broken by Anthony Barr. Karma is a
    bitch. The time of USC is over, for good.

    • Bluefynn guys know it. Deep down, you know it too. 30 scholies and lane kiffin later, it will take you 10 years to rebuild.