Discuss The Game

A wild and wet game at the Rose Bowl. Win or lose, what do you think of Lane Kiffin today?

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  • Is this the best the d can do? Time to say goodbye to kiffins $4m/yr…..is this a d worth $1m/yr? Arghhh…. Ii said after the Arizona game, I’d stop watching…I should have followed ny advice

    • 1Emmit

      Did the Trojan football team show up today? 24-0 and it appeared the team was still in the locker room? Or maybe at the hotel? Wherever the team’s collective energy, passion and focus was, it was clearly not at the the Rose Bowl.

  • Is this the best the d can do? Time to say goodbye to kiffins $4m/yr…..is this a d worth $1m/yr? Arghhh…. Ii said after the Arizona game, I’d stop watching…I should have followed ny advice

  • ThaiMex

    Where’s that A-Hole….Guess what…Your 75 ain’t better than our 85…


  • Ken

    Fire kiffin now and go with interim coach for n- game

  • once again…..Honey Boo Boo FAILS to lead the 4th Qtr comeback!!!!!

  • whattha….where’s Honey Boo Boo? it COMEBACK time!!!!

  • ThaiMex

    SUCks football(over rated and under inflated)!!!! At least Basketball season has finally started! WEH, WEH, WEH!!!!!!!

  • best move of the year???

    Paralegal, Jezro, Webb, lbc etc. etc. leaving the blog like COWARDS before the collapse!!!

    • ThaiMex

      Chucker…..Viva Los Bruins!!!!!!
      Couldn’t agree more with your take on the COWARDS! Add one more…OWN’S is a POS!
      Drinks on Me tonite!

  • is it me?? or did the wolfman throw in the towel before halftime????

    well he DOES know these trOXans!!!!!!!!!!


  • kiffin coached teams seem like they have potential that is never realized. What is it going to take for Haden to pull the trigger? Will losing to nd by double digit kludge be enough? Or does it have to be by thirty?

    • coolbeanfive

      I think you summed it up best ” potential that is never realized”.

  • coolbeanfive

    I knew this was going to happen. I give it up to mora, he had his boys prepared like I thought he would and Kiffin had the Trojans coming out flat. Sad to see so much talent not coached well.

  • Lane Kiffen bears no emotion, a flat affect and his team fights to overcome his negative outlook. He’s not what SC needs as a head coach. He may be a OC; but not here with us. That’s enough of a discussion of a disgusting performance.

    • Kiffin’s blank face is very Dorell-ish

  • oregon111

    fans STILL cannot get their pac12 south division champ t-shirts
    oh, the humanity

    • 111′ where’s your national championship ring? I’d keep it on the down low if I were you. Ducks have done ZERO yet.

      • Hey 111, how does it feel? F U

        • oregon111

          if UCLA beats Stanford, we still get in for the conf champ game…

          no way UCLA lays down next week – they would just get a rematch with Stanford

          you guys lost hope a long time ago

          by the way… missed FGs screwed the Ducks 2 yrs in a row

  • Flores

    What a waist of good talent. Kiffin should do the right thing and quit. Al Davis is laughing in his grave

  • bigjscfn75

    Mike Brown the Kiffen’s before Notre Dame they don’t deserve to coach USC no more!!!

  • Bruin Rob told you all that Jim Mora was “Mean and Nasty” and all you trojan idiots laughed at him back in April. Mora proved it to all you that he is the best coach of the best football team in L.A. Get ready to be dominated for the next few years. Since all the name on here are different, I don’t know which one of you is “USC owns the Rose Bowl” or “Trojan Fan” or “Conquest” but I hope you all feel like fools. Go Bruins!!!