Kiffin Back In 2013

USC athletic director Pat Haden said tonight Lane Kiffin will return as head coach next season.

“Absolutely,” Haden said. “He is our coach.”

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  • Charles Bucket

    sugar sweeeeeet!!! oh, i feel so ALIVE!!!!

    • Sctrojan90

      50-0. It will always be an albatross

      • ProbationU

        50-0 was the best thing that happened to UCLA. We got a good coach that just outcoached SC. 50-0 has passed the statute of limitations. 38-28… douchebag!

        • Total BS

          PU, you stiill have 1/2 NC. hahahaha FU

          • ProbationU


          • ThaiMex

            UCLA PAC 12 South Champs…9-2 !!!!
            (Pre season Champs SUCks 7-4 and 5-4 in conference…..just like Basketball!).

            When are you gonna hang that RUNNER UP, PAC 12 Football Banner up there next to the Drapes? gee…it’s gotta feel great to be a torgan!
            FIT ON mono, owns, nubsie, freethinker, paralegal and especially you, my little buddy, LBC!
            fit on!

          • Charles Bucket

            Thai, isn’t it QUEER those chicken sh!ts are all cowering somewhere???

            just proves our point all along,

            Southern Cal = Cowards!!!!!

          • Joe Blow

            Sure So Champ banner is cool. That’s about all you have for football. Hahahahahahahaha

          • grave soul

            38-28!! :)

          • Joe Blow

            1/2 NC. One Heisman. Enough said

          • grave soul

            @twitter-20643709:disqus I know it hurts. 38-28!! And from a university markedly superior in every way than crappy sc, so it’s got to sting even more :) We dominated the trojies all game, and on both sides of the ball.

          • Joe Blow

            Not really grave hole. bRuins are inferior in every way. That’s why you’re so giddy about a win over SC. We don’t give a $h!t about beating Fucla. We expect it. Bet you aren’t an alum either.

  • Charles Bucket

    and TINGLY!!!!

  • realtrojan

    Please, Kiffin…DO NOT COME BACK. You’re ruining our program!!!

  • Joe Blow

    Rough crowd. Don’t you think the AD has some responsibility?

  • the1casey

    Fuck Kiffin, and Fuck Haden too.

    • Total BS

      Well said. I’m sure Max is at the Art Museum waitng for PH

  • tqt888


  • Sam Gilbert

    Even if he was, why would he say it now?

  • Flores

    He can come back but his dad can’t

  • Alton Green

    Sad day for USC Football.. Robert Woods, reduced to a decoy. You cannot keep throwing to M. Lee. Too..Predictable!! Non-use of Tight Ends?? Defense? What defense. They really haven’t stopped anyone all season. And as for penalties, No discipline….Fall’s at doorstep of Coach K.

  • 3rdandlong

    Congrats UCLA, you outplayed us and deserved to win! Here’s to next year. You guys rebuilt with a great new coach. Hopefully sp does SC.

    • ThaiMex

      Hey Chucker….take a lookie at this….a Torgan w/o any signs of Syphilis of the brain. Thank you 3rdandlong. On behalf of Chucker and the executive council of CC ltd, we are sending you TWO PASSES to next weeks preferred plus Gals night @ The Cadre Hqtrs (that’s $70 Value!). Holy Hot Tomato, next weeks gathering will feature “The Best/Biggest of Preferred Plus”.

      Thank you for your CLASSY Comments!


    Hope his Dad retires. The defense blows. Kiff is good. If USC’s defense was anything like last year’s, they would be undefeated. Put the blame where it belongs.

  • Jason Stewart

    It’s time to say goodbye to Haden, perhaps he can get his job back with nd…..

  • Mark Hersberger

    It’s almost like Ucla won twice today. Or USC lost twice.