Kiffin Reaction

“You wouldn’t think we would lose this game with a senior quarterback versus a freshman.”

— USC coach Lane Kiffin

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  • Sctrojan90

    So few words, so much fail.

    • Ben Factor

      So true. Kiffin with his typical comment–not merely inconsiderate of his player, but missing all the salient points. He’s dumb as wood.

  • marvgoux

    And Lane throws Barkley under the bus!

    • F Barkley. He was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE.

      • and Kiffin was GREAT GREAT as usual. He set up the running game early, had the team psyched and full of energy to play today like he always does. Had total command of the direction of the offense and a plan to exploit Fucla’s weakness. Did you see his face b4 the game? HA-looked like he was going to the gas chamber ! What a fraud he is-5 years as a head coach and showed nothing but fear and insecurity. LOSER

        • Dino, as bad as Kiffin is in your mind, he’s a lot more successful than you’ll ever be.

          • redc1c4

            Lame Kiffin’s greatest success has been to serve as an excellent example of how not to coach a college football team.

    • did after the Stanford game also questioning errors in judgment. It’s been obvious that there were some real communication problems between those 2

  • carter

    this is the year of the Freshman quarterback.
    Stanford just defeated Oregon, yet both played with Freshmen QB’s, and both better than the Pious Passer – thank you CB!
    Stats are just that – SC totalled over 500 yards in the game, yet lost to a team that did not get 400.
    A&M defeated ‘bama with a Freshman QB.
    Kiffin’s lack of ingenuity on offense, and Starling’s play on defense, among others, show a total need for makeover.
    The Trojans play a style of football that went out of favor about 3-4 years ago. Pious Passer, the only pocket passer in the league, cannot run if his life depended on it, and he has 4, soon to be 5, losses to prove it.
    And don’t think that any of the QBs on the bench will improve things. SC needs to really have a complete makeover, and asap.

  • tqt888

    Another fail for Kiffin

  • realtrojan

    Yes, that’s right, Kiffin, And you’re responsible for it…

  • ThaiMex

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard such weak crap from a College head coach making millions. He’s a certified lying A-Hole. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….this idiot is the second coming of Larry Smith. His record as a head coach confirms it. The SMIRKING arrogant OVER RATED Q.B. isn’t without blame. Too bad he had such ROTTEN APPLES as head coaches.

    fit on dirt bags!

  • Flores

    And were suppose to have this coach next year? Who would want to play for a coward like that?


    You’re all blaming the wrong Kiffin. Dad has to go. I hope he retires. Could have done without Barkley’s 2 INT’s, or blocked FG and punt or Marqise’s fumble. Hundley outplayed Barkley and Jonathan Franklin was a stud. Hand it to the Bruins. It was their day. 2 out of 14 is where we like it!

    • Well said.

    • EncinitasBruin

      I agree, ELTROJ about your DC. But LK also needs to give over the reigns on offense. Not because he can’t do it, but because he needs to focus on in-game management–critical clock management issues probably cost SC the Stanford and Arizona games.

      Neuheisel was a tool to shoot his mouth off about the monopoly being over. Actions speak louder than words, and Mora never said a word, but let his team’s play make the statement instead.

      • ELTROJ

        True dat, Encinitas! Congrats! Great win for the Bruins. I think Kiffin does a fine job on offense and is a hell of a recruiter. No doubt he has made some mistakes, but those would never be an issue with the same defense from last year…uh…which are pretty much the same players as last sans a few.

    • Boom

      Wow! I haven’t seen or heard of such a rapid 180 el Troj. Barfly did look scared and so did hellooooo kiffin. Thought you said they weren’t? That smirk of barflys face must have been hidden under the rose bowl turf. Boom.

      • ELTROJ

        Pretty sure they came back from a 24-0 deficit. They weren’t scared. It was a great win for the Bruins. I’ll take 2 losses out of 14 years anytime. Good luck in 2019 when the Bruins win the next time. What’s the all-time USC-UCLA record?

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Here’s a little history: USC is poised to become the first preseason #1 pick to finish unranked since 1964. With Barkley in civvies on the sideline next week with a separated shoulder (oops, I mean “undisclosed injury”), Max Wittek gets his first college start against the nation’s #6 defense, having given up only 9 TDs all season. Good luck with that. ND 24 USC 17.

  • Troyans

    …”or with 3 of the best receivers in the country, 2 gigantic-stud tight ends, and 2 solid running backs. But when you factor in my complete lack of poise and ability to think under pressure and my old man ruining the defense it starts to make a little more sense.” -Lane Kiffin

  • EncinitasBruin

    As most of you know, I’ve been saying all season that I think MB is a great QB. I also raised a lot of eyebrows when I made even remote comparisons between MB and Hundley. This season, however, Hundley has outperformed MB, particularly with intangibles: poise under pressure, instincts, fewer critical mistakes (15 INTs to 9), team record, and ability to win in the clutch.

    Last year MB was a different player–the best QB in college football,in my opinioni. This season, however, Hundley is the better QB.

    I wish MB a quick recovery, and good luck against ND. And we’ll see you in the Coliseum in 364 days.

    • ELTROJ

      Hundley should have played last year. Neweasal would still be there. You might be right about Hundley having a better year, but almost identical stats.

  • oregon111

    I am now a trojan fan — fight on and beat ND

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    How ironic that the nation’s preseason #1 quarterback finished as the #2 quarterback in Los Angeles–behind a redshirt freshman who outplayed him all year (15 INTs to 9?!). On top of that, in less than one season Hundley has already accomplished something that Barkely never did: lead his team to a come-from-behind 4th-quarter victory (see Hundley at ASU).