• Jack Del Rio.

  • SARK

  • MikeRiley. Trojan ties, Pac 12 success, an adult.

  • Akinshina Fanu

    Offer Gruden however much he wants…Mike Bellotti ESPN?

  • realtrojan


  • Day

    Andy Reid?

  • five, six, seven, eight!!

    Lane Kiffin is really great!!

    five, six, seven, eight!!

    Lane Kiffin is really great!!

  • Disappointed SC fan

    At this point I’ll take Hayden Fox as HC, Luther Vandamn as DC and Dauber Dabinski and special teams. Pathetic.

    • way to rise to the occasion, DSCF…..good one. i loved the Luther dude. dick van dyck’s brother i think!!!

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    Jeff fisher

  • disqus_dVa6Zch2ez

    Mike riley

  • Disappointed SC fan

    It will never happen but bobby petrino

  • Sadness

    Del rio

  • ThaiMex

    SUCks football coach, OVER PAID, SUCks football…over rated , under inflated! Barks still gonna win the Heisman? and finally…. Our freshman QB is better than your Senior!
    Still think your 75 is better than our 85?
    fit on LIMBO U!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • looky looky looky!!!!!!!

      whatta….i thought the trOXans were the #1 team???

      it was the CADRE who predicted this meltdown.

      and guess what???? the Cadre is RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!

      • TrojanFan

        Hey bucket, looks like Christmas came early this year, nice win for the program, but you’re still a fuckin idiot

        Enjoy it well it lasts….

        Please take the dog and pony show over to a duck site

        PS…. you’re looooog over due for a bitch slap, not worthy of a man sized punch…LOL

    • And yet you’re posting nonsense instead of celebrating with some friends.

      • ThaiMex

        Didn’t they name a movie after you (kill bill)?
        fit on torgan!

        • Troy

          ThaiMex, Bucket, and BruinRob…I wouldn’t be surprised if you are all the same person. I expect to see trolling around these posts but you guys spend way too much of your time doing this other than enjoying the win. It’s pathetic how your lives consumes posting on an SC site instead of doing something much more productive. Are you a lonely teenage boy that’s too shy to talk to girls? Or are you like BruinRob (if you aren’t already) whose lame life revolves on bashing SC every second of the day…which explains why he’s a man in his late 30s whose looking for love in a singles site but can’t get any luck because all he has on it is how much he hates SC. Pathetic. So go out, have some drinks if your old enough, and meet and talk to people. Develop those social skills that don’t exist in your life…”chatting” or posting on the Internet is not the same.

          • ThaiMex

            Just curious….How are you Celebrating Tonite? Dumb Coach, Dumb Former A.D., dumb Athletes, Dumb School, and a whole lotta Dumb Fans…LIMBO U, DUMBER than ever!
            (Somebody, please be sure to let “Barks”, Mr. UNFINISHED BUSINESS, know it was Coach Mora’s decision to have the team practice in San Bernardino!), and……………………………
            Maybe that PRACTICE FIELD @ SCUm is a little too long…you knuckleheads didn’t use much of Field today!
            My freshman Q.B. is WAY BETTER than your Senior! ……..
            Were you guy’s caught looking forward to Next weeks game?
            WIN OUT, LIMBO U!

          • Troy

            Not celebrating the win but I can definitely say I will be out having a good time. Putting all jokes on the side, seriously, get a life. Your life revolves too much on this site.

          • “MY”? Hahahaha. Honestly Thai, did you REALLY go to UCLA?

          • Well said. Anyway, it’s obvious he didn’t even go to college and probably didn’t finish high school either.

    • Jeez. You really need to get a life.

  • Justin Wilcox. Defensive mind, great recruiter and will probably bring Tosh with him from UW to make up for the loss of Orgeron if the whole staff is canned.

  • I bet if Kiffin hadn’t pulled the banning a reporter stunt, he’d have a little support and understanding. The schollie limits are the problem. They don’t hit in practice like other teams, and that hurts deeper into the season. I hope Kiffin doesn’t give up. A victory or strong showing against the Irish would save him.

    • senioreditor

      Not a chance…ND will run all over us……

  • Amir

    LK needs an OC who sits in the press box and needs to make Coach O the DC. That’s it. Let’s not be ridiculous. Put it in perspective, people would’ve been happier than heck with what he has done through these BS sanctions. He is a great recruiter and a very good offensive coach, just needs to become more of a head coach and need Coach O to be DC. Fight On!

    • 100% agreed monte= assisted living facility. He gets another year. He is 2-1 vs UCLA and 1-1 vs Notre Dame. yes this has been a disappointing season. Matt barkley has turned into an INT machine ala Brett Favre.

    • yep Kiffin is very offensive to knowledgeable football fans.

  • In-house. Kennedy Polamalu.

  • realtrojan

    Of course this is highly upsetting as a Trojan, but this is what I was hoping for. Why? Because I want Kiffin out of there at all cost. With him, it’s like having an enemy in your own team. PLEASE…get rid of him, and get either John Gruden, Jack Del Rio or Jeff Fisher!!!

  • Del Rio has no plans to coach college ball. Gruden ? HAHAHAHA. Riley has been wooed and never comes, why would he now. Fisher ain’t leaving the Rams. SC is stuck with Kiffin for another year.

  • Pete Carroll. Let Kif stick around as a recruiting coordinator.

    • Kiffin can’t recruit-just another myth like his laughable rep as a great offensive genius. Name one player, other than Lee who was going to USC regardless of the coach, that he has recruited and is playing well for USC.

      • Kiffin’s rep as an OC was destroyed back In 2006 , if he ever had a rep before then. What are you basing your recruiting statement on? I hope its true.

  • Homer

    USC has 2 problems: 1) no depth 2) no defense. Although I’m not a big LK fan, he should stay until the sanctions are over. Then, if the defense doesn’t look like a defense, then the coach is to blame. The state of Troy is nicely summed up by the USC/Oregon game: when you score over 50 points on your home field and you lose, you don’t have any defense.

  • kif says job is safe,i dont think so,you are not a haden guy,he will clean everything up from pete era and thats to bad for sark,your dun kif and take yer dad with ya,hello you had all year to practice the oregon offense,arizona and ucla.You get paid what monte? omg!!

  • trojan92

    charlie strong

  • sorry Dummies!!! Kiff is BACK!!

    thanks for the expert reportage, wolfman!!!

  • Isaiahdolan

    Kiffen once again did not have his team ready to play. Defense nothing special again. I think we will continue to underperform until we get a better coach. UCLA showed what a good coach can do with 2nd tier recruits!

  • PastedYouSUCsters

    This is what you arrogant POS get. SUC on. Your business is now finished you freaking assclown fools. Anthony Barr knocked the shit out of your POS QB and he got what he deserved. Knocked that cocky ass smirk off his face. He will be a 4th round pick now and just lost 20M.

  • so cal

    Kirby Smart…Alabama’s D-Coordinator. Ties to the southeast recruiting area.

  • #1 Hackett
    #2 John Robinson
    #3 *.*. ******* {he whom shall not be named}

  • TroyFan52

    Pat Fitzgerald