Early Morning Buzz

I know one false argument will be tossed around as fans debate whether to keep Lane Kiffin. “He is a great recruiter and we need to keep this class together,” will be said.

This is nonsense. How many big-time recruits left when Pete Carroll resigned? But there would be a mass exodus for Kiffin?

If USC were really worried, just keep Ed Orgeron around. Problem solved.

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  • wolfman, what i like about you is, you are a RUTHLESS vato!!!!!

    i like that.


  • sc 4 sc

    So many tools at his disposal, and he leads us to this. If I walked into my doctor’s office with a broken arm and he made lots of guesses without ever checking a x-ray, should I have any reason to trust him? EVER? And he just looked at me with a serious look and said, “I don’t comment on injuries.” Goodbye!

    • BEATND

      The Kiffer just does not understand the Spirit of Troy..We Fight On!. There have
      been just too many games where this Dude has thrown in the towel.

      last play of the game and on the six yard line and all The Kiffer could
      dial up was a run off of left tackle. What is wrong with A TE “quick
      hitter Post”? Bang Bang

      week we will have to play with the so called back up QB. This will be the final
      testament of how well the team is coached. Remember MM backing up MB in the ND game we lost at home.

      When our center went down, we
      phoned in a game. When UCLA’s center went down, the Right Guard moved
      over to center and they did not miss a beat.

      “PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” is totally out the window with this coach

      • sc 4 sc

        That last play was a quitter’s mentality. He has one week to get a QB ready for the biggest game of the season … and he calls for a run! Reminds me of Pete Carroll’s first win against those guys, but in reverse (’01 27-0). Bob Toledo phoned it in just like Kiffin did.

  • ThaiMex

    There will be DRASTIC CHANGES in the upcoming recruiting class. A few will be affected by the outcome of Saturdays game. The bigger influence will be GOAT BOY’S SLEAZE FACTOR. He is employing the same greasy tactics that he exhibited while at Tenn. and his reputation will precede him. Mora will come across as a better choice for young recruits and their parents. The reputation of the U.C. schools speaks for itself. Add the fact that Mora is more than willing to play freshman….and UCLA comes out the winner.

    fit on torgan

    • orale, Thai…unlike that vato Woods, you have not lost a step this season!!

      behold, the Golden Age of the Cadre!!

    • Why don’t you enjoy the victory and cut the ignorant rants? Obvious you are not an Alum………..of any university

    • TrojanFan

      Why would anyone listen to a fuckin idiot that continues to talk in circles

      PS….and also has a fondness for the game of tonsil hockey….ouch!

    • Golden Trojan

      Mora should win in recruiting, he’s a better coach, he’s passionate about his players, he’s got his team fired up. All three are lacking with Kiffin.

  • What recruit wants to come knowing with the best tools at his disposal all Kiffin could do was this. I expect our recruiting class to be decimated and a tougher road ahead. Other than early playing time I’m not sure what the sell to recruits is?

  • Sounds like SW won’t be happy until LK is fired. How sad.

  • Scott, at some point, you are going to have to consider the possibility that CLFK will be around another season, and will still be using the sanctions as an excuse to not have open practices or dialog with the media. I don’t think this is how he wants to do things just because. I think it stems mostly from the schollie limits and not wanting to have too much contact in practice. Unfortunately, they get exposed in games for that, making all the drama pretty pointless. We have one difficult year of this left.

    It doesn’t mean they get a pass from criticism, and when they do ridiculously stupid things like ban reporters for reporting, you gotta push back. But you’re not going to end his career here quite yet. Pfight On!

  • EncinitasBruin

    Speedy recovery wishes for MB. That was a whale of a hit, and I was sitting in section 21, row 18, so it was right in front of us. Trust the shoulder isn’t separated, and he can come back to play his final home game next week. If it’s Wittek, how do you think he’ll respond to the glare of the spotlight?

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    I am inclined to believe some are right, that no matter what “Kiffin” does next game, Haden is going to give him a free pass for another season. And make no mistake, it is about Kiffin, who is affecting the performance of this team of skilled players. And even if he brings in a OC-playcaller, Kiffin will hire someone he can manipulate, like James Cregg, into doing what he wants anyway. We are going to see the same thing next year and this misery will continue. I just don’t see half the recruits wanting to play for this coach. Bring in CAL’s defensive coordinator, who does know how to play the spread offense and be having better athletes, he will solve the problem, unlike Monte who creates the problem. What a disaster “dad” has been here.

  • Rick Bey

    Finally, an objective post by Mrs. Amanda Pflugrad.