Predictable D

A former Pac-12 coach that watched the game said he was stunned how the Trojans were always in a Cover 2 defense on all those plays where UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley lobbed those deep balls into open spots.

“UCLA knew what they would do every time,” the coach said.


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  • I wondered what Neuheisel thought about the game.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I was thinking it was Carroll.

  • Even the announcer called several plays

  • Ben Factor

    Predictability seems to be a continuing problem on O and on D.

    That and being surprised by the other team doing the unexpected.

    I remember several times during the PC era when a player would comment after a game that that the opponent did just what the coaching staff said would be done.

    The tables have turned.

  • steveg49

    What we have been sayin since the second game of the season. One game left and SW writes about it. What a bone head. Only the likes of bucket could appreciate this site.


    Yup…defense was the problem all year. Hope Monte retires.

    • considering the talent on offense, I would say that they were also a problem all year. The O was really bad against Fucla. Kiffen’s play calling reached new lows….i.e pass to Pinner on 4th down, 3 straight passes called when the rain started in the 3rd Q, the opening play and the Lee reverse and many more.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Easy when you’re no longer at the helm, eh Neuweisel?