Remember This?

USC will need to beat Notre Dame or maybe a bowl opponent to avoid being the first preseason No. 1 to finish unranked since Ole Miss in 1964.

Image/Wall Street Journal

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  • grave soul

    Yes…yes, indeed it is.


    Let that keep on setting in, you trash-talking trojies.This dominating victory feels even better because of all the arrogance and bumptiousness you’ve all exhibited prior to (and even after) the game.


  • remember it? i called it! in the post right before the rest of the media caught on!!!

    Damn i’m good!!

    for my next prediction: Southern Cal will eat sh!t!!!


  • SW, you wonder why SC Athletics hates you. Ok, SC sucked this year. Ok, Kiff did a poor job. But so have you. For years. You still have your job. Karma

    • maze949

      Better yet, Kiffin still has HIS job. Karma Whine on!

  • Matt

    While the coaching has obviously been subpar, you can’t throw this all on them. Some players have really underperformed.

    1. Torin Harris – he was good before he got hurt last year. This year he has been beaten more than an alcoholic’s wife.

    2. Lamar Dawson – I never was a big fan last year when people were gushing over him. This year he has been completely invisible. Our defense really misses a strong leader and it should come from this position. Instead it is a weakness. I actually miss Galippo a little but from how Dawson has played.

    3. Barkley – I love the guy for coming back and he has been a great leader off the field and seems to be an overall great guy, but he just isn’t as good as last year. A lot of bad passes and decisions. There are just too many targets and not everyone can be double covered.

    4. George Uko – He has been average at best when I had big expectations for him. Thank God for Leonard Williams or our dtackles would be a major weakness.

  • gotroy22

    This team is definitely worse than the 1963 Trojans. I was shocked at the defense wilting against the fucla offensive line with the game on the line late in the 4th quarter. How could SI and AP have ever ranked us #1 with that crummy defense? We made Franklin look like Reggie Bush. And what was up with Lane Kiffin running the ball with 2:50 left in the game and down two scores? Haden should have fired Kiffin as he walked off the field for that incomprehensible play call. And our offensive line once again cost us. Now we have to listen to ruins lecture us on karma for the famous Matt Barkley bomb at the end of the 2009 game. Poor Matt. He turned down $30 million for getting planted in the soggy turf as 80,000 gutties cheered? After this disaster I promise I’ll never criticize another Trojan player for going pro early.