Sunday Night With Kiffin

USC coach Lane Kiffin said tonight Matt Barkley is out for the Notre Dame game with an AC sprain in his shoulder. Max Wittek will start.

Kiffin said he would not discuss whether he makes staff changes during the season. He also said he was not worried about his job because he knew the support he received from athletic director Pat Haden and school president Max Nikias.

Kiffin said he has a lot of confidence in freshman quarterback Max Wittek.

“He did a good job (against UCLA) after standing three-and-a-half hours in the rain,” Kiffin said.


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  • calkidd32

    say what you will about Matt Barkley, but this is a really unfortunate way for his USC career to end. He stayed through the sanctions, encouraged others to stay and was generally a great team leader. It just doesn’t seem fair that he’ll miss his last home game after all he did for the program these past few years.

  • Glad I sold my tix for $900 each a month ago! hahahahahahaha

  • Paul Trucks

    Unfortunate way for his USC career to end but sheer poetic justice in the way he carried himself during better days.

  • Troy

    Fight on MB7!!


    Bounce Pass Haden Guaran-fing-teeing Kiff’s job is yet ANOTHER great news flash!!!!

    thanks for the gumball, Bounce Pass!!!

    and while your at it, could you please Guaran-fing-tee KOJ’s job for a few more years??? we LOVE that guy!!!!

    i mean any guy who boozes it up with his wife and then they pick fights with opposing fans, can hang at Cadre HQ ANY DAY!!!

  • Fight On Matt! You stuck around when a lot of guys did and would bail. I hope the crowd at the Coli gives him what he so rightly deserves during the Senior pre-game Annoucements. He should get the loudest standing ovation of anyone.

  • Kiffin won’t can daddy, so you can expect to see that Tampa or is it Tampon 2 all season next year as SC goes 7-6, watches it’s recruiting go south as Kiffin will be in limbo and the other schools will use it against us and Haden will hire Norv Turner to completely ruin SC football for the foreseeable future.

  • Bluefynn

    Karma is a bitch. I don’t wish injuries on folks but after his arrogant taunting his frosh year, it’s karmic and fitting his last memory of the RB is being smashed and broken on its turf by Anthony Barr. I guess we can all conclude his business is finished. Then again, so is USC in terms of being top dog in LA.

    • realtrojan

      Enjoy the next twelve months, because you’ll have to wait many years to get another twelve.

      • Bluefynn

        doubtful. you guys got nothin. you cheated to get where you were and no you are reaping it.

        • realtrojan

          Nothing? LMAO!!! That’s what you got except for one tiny, minuscule championship from the fake nipple sucking days for your mom. Why don’t ya look up what we’ve won if you hadn’t done that in your pitiful life? I bet you’d be quite shocked. because there you’ll find the football tradition that defines college football itself, which you obviously don’t have and never will. LOL!!!

          • Bluefynn

            you’re awesome buddy. a legend in your own mind. good luck this week with Notre same.

          • realtrojan

            Thank you for uttering all the appropriate vocabularies that are so fitting for Trojan Football. Yep, that’s right. We ARE a legend in college football world. And bruin Football? Of course it’s a joke. LMAO!!! Hey, try establishing a REAL tradition for a change, will ya?

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      UCLA winning its 2nd game over USC in the last 14 years does not make the bruins the “top dog” man. Win the conference title as the south representative, then we’ll talk.

      • ThaiMex

        i see you came out from mommy’s skirt…..Weren’t you the dumb twat who predicted an UNDEFEATED SEASON? You better run along…nubsie is looking to get pleasured…
        fit on Queer torgan!

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Time to change your handle now, gutty little Trojan. I own it now by right of victory. You can change your handle to: “USC Owns the Kraft Hunger Bowl”

        • USC owns the Rose Bowl

          LMAO!!! One victory and UCLA owns the rose bowl? like I said, win in January. Bruins’ last bowl win was the EAGLE BANK BOWL.

          SC has enough rose bowls and natties to ignore idiots like you.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            Silly little Trojan. Matt Barkley knows who owns the Rose Bowl. Just ask him about Anthony Barr. You need to EARN the right for your handle. Have fun in the Kraft Hunger Bowl, and enjoy that distinction of being the first preseason #1 to fall completely out of the polls since 1964. Who’s laughing now? I’ll LMAO, thank you very much!

      • Bluefynn

        you guys got nothin. you cheated to get where you were and now you are reaping it. well pound you even worse next year.

  • tqt888

    Haden has to know that Kiffin’s time here is over right? He’s smarter than this

    • Bluefynn

      apparently not?

    • No, no he doesn’t and no he isn’t.

  • Otis

    Imagine what the team would have looked like, had Matt left. we would have not beaten Oregon! In my book he is right up there with Leinart, and Carson. Thank you for showing us what it means to fight-on.

  • realtrojan

    Matt Barkley has been very unlucky to come to USC at the worst possible times. First, it was the sanctions, but he also had to play under arguably the worst coach in USC Football history. I guess luck does play an important role in how a player turns out in a program. I’m pretty sure his collegiate career would have been quite different had he played for Pete Carroll in his heyday.

    • EncinitasBruin

      You are forgetting Paul Hackett. So not certain LK is the worst. Genuinely feel bad for MB. Wish him the best. Saw Wittek play in HS. Will surprise many this weekend, I believe.

      • realtrojan

        LOL!!! Hackett definitely isn’t far behind. But I still think Kiffin is the worst. Regarding Wittek, I hope you’re right. Looking at his demeanor, he looks to have some passion for the game. But first thing first, I’d like to see the new HC for the next season.

  • Stackfire

    Sometimes the drama of sports turns out so wrong. Kiffin’s observation on Barkley the senior losing to Hundley the freshman was so thoughtless, so blame shifting that I had to read the comment multiple times to believe what I was reading.

    This diminishing of his senior QB and team leader came after a horrific, injury producing hit as Barkley stood tall in a collapsing shallow pocket. After the game, Barkley gamely took responsibility for a loss his defense had way more to do with than Barkley’s picks.

    Kiffin threw Woods under the bus when Lee developed into a force. Woods played thru injuries and did all the little unglamorous things like blocking downfield and tackling defenders who picked off passes.

    Time will take care of Kiffin. Lying about his vote for USC for #1 in the coaches poll, banning a reporter for asking about injuries, uniform number swap against helpless Colorado, deflated footballs, ripping Barkley after the Stanford loss, heavily penalized teams, inept clock management, unmotivated defenses, insisting on play calling, underperforming against overmatched teams. USC’s very own Ron Zook.

    Can recruit but cannot do anything else.

  • QueenKiff

    Where in the world is Kiff getting off on saying Wittek “did a good job?!?!” He fumbled away the very first snap! Notre Dame is having a luagher in the film room this week in preparing to play us.

  • Golden Trojan

    Does Haden keep LK one more year because of scholie limit, then bring a new HC the last year of the limits to start rebuild then? Or can a new HC next year start changing the attitude, keep the current commits and players, and start the rebuild next year?

  • A few seasons ago Barkely threw that late TD when the game was pretty much decided. I think it’s very fitting he got knocked out and finished his final game vs. Ucla on the bench. I guess it took awhile to wipe that smirk off his face, but we finally did it.