The Top 25

Here is my ballot for the Associated Press poll:
1.  Notre Dame
2.  Alabama
3.  Georgia
4.  Ohio State
5.  Oregon
6.  Florida
7.  Kansas State
8.  LSU
9.  Texas A&M
10. Florida State
11.  Stanford
12.  Clemson
13.  South Carolina
14.  Oklahoma
15.  Oregon State
16.  UCLA
17.  Nebraska
18.  Texas
19.  Louisville
20.  Rutgers
21.  Michigan
22.  Oklahoma State
23.  Northern Illinois
24.  Mississippi State
25.  Louisiana Tech
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  • So the really interesting question here is what happens to UCLA after getting whacked by Stanford twice in 6 days?

    • Nemesis

      My guess is that after getting whacked twice by Stanford, they still finish higher in the polls than us.

  • ThaiMex

    Why are So Cal fans obsessed with The BRUINS of U-C-L-A? I suppose that inferiority complex is larger today than ever. “as you make your bed, so must you lie on it”…The Best Little Whorehouse on Figueroa!
    fit on torgan!

  • so it’s official!!! the Southern Cal has completed the biggest flop in the Modern Era!!!!

    see, i KNEW this was gonna be a GREAT YEAR!!!!