Morning Buzz

Matt Barkley is out.and Max Wittek is in for the Notre Dame game. Link here

The game was off the board Sunday night before Barkley’s status was known.

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  • Edward Marlowe

    I hope

    • dabrisha

      Ed–Max has the size and a cannon arm, but like MB has shown himself to be interception prone (24 TDs, 15 Int his Senior year at Matt’s Alma Mater). Remains to be seen…hopefully better results.

      • Edward Marlowe

        If he starts throwing INTS then Max Browne right from my home state of Washington will be more than happy to be the no1 QB for the Trojans.This guy is just awesome -2012 stats-he threw for 4034 yards 45 TDS and only 7 Ints!! I saw his Skyline High School team play a few weeks ago and he WILL BE THE STARTER AT QB come 2013

  • Edward Marlowe

    Max Wittek plays a great game and destroys the Irish.As a USC alum from Washington State I’m traveling from Seattle to witness hopefully a great USC victory. I am really disgusted with Pat Haden and would be more than willing to begin a petition drive to get rid of gutless and spineless AD.The Kiffins should be gone already

    • Golden Trojan

      An upset of the Irish might keep Kiffin’s job another year before Haden pulls the trigger. Better an Irish win with good effort by the players but out coached.

    • Kiffen has already acknowledged that he will be changing the game plan. Look no further than what he did when Mustain took over for a few games.

  • Money Quote of the weekend (sorry wolfman) compliment of TJ Simers:

    “One year ago, Lane Kiffin feels like a king running off the Coliseum field, his team winning 50-0 over UCLA, and a few weeks later Matt Barkley is announcing he will return.
    But here we are, Barkley flattened and gasping for breath and fans and columnists calling for Kiffin’s job.”
    Honey Boo Boo fall down, go BOOM!!!

    • ThaiMex

      Chucker…you are spot on!
      check this one out……
      “barks” got his ass handed to him, deservedly! Pendejo!
      Our 75 is way better than your 65…., and PRACTICE FACILITIES at So Cal are What Happens when you put LIPSTICK on a PIG.

      fit on LIMBO U!

  • Trojanpete

    It should be quite clear to everyone, including me–a defender of Kiffin until this season–that we’ll never achieve greatness with him at the helm. He’s in over his head as he is consistently outcoached and outschemed. Lamar Dawson looks lost at MLB and the Tampa 2 just isn’t working in general. I saw far too many missed assignments on both offense and defense, including the one that took Barkley out of the game. So many of these losses are mired with missed tackles. In this game, we had stupid plays like the 3rd and 13 on a pass to Franklin. He was stopped for a 7 yard gain with 4 Trojan defenders around him and they couldn’t bring him down. One guy even went for the strip. That’s stupid and a well coached team would understand that. Kiffin has never let the talent of his offense show. He’s too conservative, predictable, and lacks confidence in his players. If Haden really does bring him back for another season, he should at least force Monte out and strip Kiffin of play calling abilities.

    Hats off to Jim Mora. I remember him from his days here in the Bay Area as the Secondary Coach and then Defensive Coordinator with the 49ers. As I stated when he was hired, he’s a good coach who gets his players to play for him. He took a team with semi-decent talent and has gotten the most out of them in only his first (and possibly last) year as their head coach.

    • randomfan

      Hoping Mora leaves huh? Good luck with that.

      • Troy

        Who knows. He is from Washington and even when he was hired, there were speculations that he would leave if the Washington job opens or a NFL HC vacancy. With college coaches, it’s unpredictable.

      • Trojanpete

        It’s reality. He is a good head coach and still has NFL capital. Rebuilding a downtrodden program like UCLA will give NFL owners and GMs a reason to hire him. He’s still young and has a lot of energy. Pete Carroll was a twice-failed HC in the NFL before coming to USC and turning our program around. He parlayed that into a lucrative gig with the Seahawks, replacing Jim Mora. I doubt Jim Mora is long in the college game.

    • Golden Trojan

      The Chargers will be looking for a HC, hopefully.

  • Edward Marlowe

    Jim Mora Jr is actually from Southern Cal although he went to school here at the UW and played Linebacker during the 1980-83 years. He was a horrible coach at the NFL level and seems better suited to coach at the college level

    • old_trojan_93

      Regardless, he’ll want to go back to the NFL, just like Pete.

  • ThaiMex

    What happened to to the Seasoned FOUR STAR Q.B. Recruit James Boyd, or that other FIVE STAR can’t miss prospect Scroggins? Well at least with College Defensive player of the year, Jarvis Jones out there, you guys are at least as good as the Irish and Mante Teo, right?
    fit on knuckleheads!
    (YOUR 65 are not anywhere as good as OUR 75!)