Quote Of The Night

`It’s not the way I expected it, but I won’t sit here and say I regret it.”

— safety T.J. McDonald on returning for his senior season

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  • Great write up on the basketball game. Oh, wait…

    • Georgetown?

      • CheattheSystem

        Illinois yesterday, Texas today.

  • ThaiMex

    In other news…..August 12, 2012 gary Klein @ L.A. TimesKlein
    #USC QB Matt Barkley, after 3-hour practice, when asked if he was glad he was not in San Bernardino. “Yeah. Who decided on that one?”
    The guy who decided that one is the Coach of the Team that just kicked your ass and put you out of next weeks game, you stupid twat!
    fit on torgan!

    • for a self-described Pious Passer, Honey Boo Boo sure had a smart mouth, didn’t he Thai??

      when i saw him literally crumpled in agony and defeat on Sat, what i thought of was his mocking the Bruins when he beat us.

      oh payback is sooooooooo sugar sweeeeet!

      some say payback is not a good thing, but i say, how can it be wrong, when it feels so RIGHT????

  • gotroy22

    In an economic Depression when milllions of college graduates loaded down with crushing debt from student loans can’t find a job, T.J and Matt turned down millions of dollars to come back and play for free. We should always be grateful for their dedication to Troy. But I suspect T.J. and Matt regret it now that the season has turned out to be a disaster.

  • Golden Trojan

    Hopefully this experience will serve TJ and Matt well. Life isn’t about things always having to go well. It’s about learning from hard times, maturing, growing. TJ will get a great contract somewhere next spring. Matt will become a backup somewhere and have a chance to learn from a veteran QB instead of being a starter on a bad team. Let’s hope they are wiser men for the experience. Fight On.

  • Isaiahdolan

    T.J. surprised me when he came back. I wonder if this season will cost him some $$$ in the draft?

  • Give T.J. a concussion test now …