Tarkenton On Kiffin

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton was asked if Lane Kiffin was a big-time coach on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog radio channel.

“No. There should be concerns about Lane Kiffin. I mean, what he did to Tennessee, how could anybody in their right mind bring him to Southern Cal? And if Pat Haden would have been the athletic director when they hired him, I don’t think he would have ever brought him there.

“He’’s a loose cannon.  He was a rogue at Tennessee, a rogue at Oakland.  He left Tennessee, put ‘’em on probation, did a lot of bad things, and walks away after one year. I wouldn’’t want him as my coach. With that, he’’s got his father there who’’s a great defensive coach, whole different personality.  You’’re always going to have talent at Southern Cal. He’’s got some talent and they’’ve won games this year with a smaller roster but I don’’t think he’’s the long-term guy there.””


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  • Wow. SW, you’ve finally gone to the bottom. Who cares what a 4 time loser like Fran thinks? He a loser. SC is going down the tubes and all you care about is $h!tt!ng on Kiffin and Garrett because both think you are a douche bag. Grow up.

    • You can ban Total BS, but not the TRUTH

    • TrojanFan

      Fran farts cobwebs, and the wolfman think his opinion is relevant with the culture of today’s college football

  • ThaiMex

    WOW….nubsie the biggest PENDEJO, now calls the GREAT Fran Taekenton a loser….Well I guess if anyone knows what a loser is…it would be a so cal queer guy! Thank goodness Basketball season has started, right?
    fit on torgan

    • hahahahahaha Basketball…..GEORGETOWN. hahahahaha

      • ThaiMex

        Idiote’ Joe blowme….illinois?
        losers just like football (but at least you’ve them SWEET DRAPES!)
        fit on torgan

        • Hahahaha. I’ll take 2 losses every 14 years any time. Plus I AM a SC grad! Unlike your GED. Hahahaha. Hit the swing shit Mexi.

          • gotroy22

            You mean 4 losses every 14 years counting the forfeits in 2004 and 2005. Still I’ll take 10-4 any time.

          • TrojanFan

            Vacated is the as if the game was never played….only 2 losses

          • ProbationU

            2 popular vocabulary words at SC, vacated and allegedly.

        • USC owns the Rose Bowl

          Hey THAI,

          Our drapes in Galen are comparable to all those proud PCC banners in the Rose Bowl, are they not?!?!? LMFAO!!!!!!
          Your home stadium has a bronze plaque named the “wall of champions” that USC is ALL OVER!!!!! isn’t that the bRUINS’ home stadium?!?!?

          PCC banner on, though!!! lmaoooooooo

          ps. illinois lost 6 straight to end the season (in football) then beat UCLA in their bowl game…….. making UCLA the WORST bowl team in NCAA history. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • USC owns the Rose Bowl

            6-8… that sure felt GREAT!!!!!


          • ProbationU

            38-28 felt great…sure Barkley’s shoulder is feeling great…still having Kiffin in charge feels great….a lot of stuff feels great in Westwood.

          • TrojanFan

            2 wins in 16 years, and you’re feeling great, how fuckin pathetic…troll on

            Dude, you’re walking funny, did you spend some time up in the tree house….ouch!

  • gerrr!

    I thought the job of a journalist was to critically examine what others said, and not just act as an echo chamber? Tarkenton got his facts wrong, and I would have expected SW to note them, but apparently that was too hard.

    First, LK was hardly a rogue at Oakland; he was told to use JaMarcus Russell, who became probably the second-worst flameout ever, right behind Ryan Leaf.

    So let’s look at how LK’s records compare to his predecessors and followers.

    2003 – Bill Callahan 4 – 12
    2004 – Norv Turner 5 – 11
    2005 – Norv Turner 4 – 12
    2006 – Art Shell 2- 14
    2007 – Lane Kiffin 4 – 12
    2008 – Lane Kiffin 1 -3 (first four games before he was fired)
    2008 – Tom Cable 4 – 8
    2009 – Tom Cable 5 – 11
    2010 – Tom Cable 8 – 8

    I don’t see a rogue. I see a coach who was no better and no worse than Bill Callahan, Norv Turner, Tom Cable or Art Shell, all operating under the control freak that Al Davis was known to be.

    So what about his disastrous season at Tennessee? Well, let’s look at the records again.

    2005 – Phil Fulmer 5 – 6
    2006 – Phil Fulmer 9 – 4
    2007 – Phil Fulmer 10 – 4
    2008 – Phil Fulmer 5 – 7
    2009 – Lane Kiffin 7 – 6
    2010 – Derek Dooley 6 – 7
    2011 – Derek Dooley 5 – 7
    2012 – Derek Dooley 4 – 7

    Tarkenton can’t point to records, because Lane Kiffin did no worse than either Dooley or Fulmer. Well actually, Dooley did worse than Kiffin, ever year.

    As for infractions committed by Lane Kiffin, let’s consider that the first Notice of Allegations against Tennessee included major infractions against Kiffin. The most serious one — that Kiffin took a student-intern who was not certified to recruit, on a school campus visit — was dropped. (Yes, I read the frigging report.) The result was a handful of secondary violations, or in other words, just your typical year at Ohio State, where a couple dozen violations are recorded each year.

    Don’t forget, Tennessee’s athletic department was punished hard not for Lane Kiffin’s secondary violations, but because of the major violations of Bruce Pearl, who ended up with a show-cause order. Yes, the final report said that they were bothered by the number of secondary violations by Kiffin, but again I remind you, dozens of violations occurred each year at Ohio State, so much so that they lead all NCAA programs in total number of secondary violations, by a mile.

    This latest extension of probation and the added-on recruiting limits did not come from Kiffin’s actions, but by Willie Mack Garza and his ties to Willie Lyles.

    But if any of that does not cause Tarkenton to take pause in his false allegations, then maybe he should ask others in the know, WHY THERE IS THIS SATIRICAL THING CALLED THE FULMER CUP.

    So where’s my check for $200 for doing your job, Scott?

    • FreeShabazz

      Great analysis Gerr!!! You must of run out of space to make the logical conclusion that Kiffin is almost as bad as every other horrible coach that has either been fired or is now on the same hot seat.

  • Kiffin has never earned anything he’s ever gotten, just like NOBS.

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, when you bend over can you actually see the back of your ass

  • Independent_George

    Who cares what Fran Tarkenton thinks.

    Is Lane Kiffin a long-term guy? Probably not. Would Haden have hired him if he were AD? Probably not. Was Garrett in his right mind when he hired him. No. He was a great fopotball player but in the last few years of his tenure, a lazy AD.

    But we need Fran Tarkenton to tell us that? Please.

  • realtrojan

    Now we’re talkin’…does this guy know football or what!!!

  • What does Fran Tarkenton know about anything? I mean, he’s right, Kiffin is a true low life with no friends left.

  • Is Fran still on the Nanny?