The Latest Line

After opening at four points, USC is now a six-point underdog against Notre Dame.

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  • Golden Trojan

    Irish win easily, by 14 at least, over by half time. L Kiffin is 0-3 against D Shaw, 1-2 Chip Kelly, 1-1 (soon 1-2) Brian Kelly, 0-1 R Rodriquez, 0-1 J Mora. That makes him at best 3rd best coach in the South, 5th best in Pac 12, and struggles against ND. Clearly Kiffin is over matched as HC, not up to USC standards. Hopefully, Haden finds a quality guy and pulls the trigger at the right time. Kiffin will be gone, but it may be 2 more ugly seasons till that happens.

  • Adam

    I think we are all just looking for answers to why this season happened? The season has been an all around fail for the Trojans. The teams heads are not in the game.The same mistakes are happening and they got worse and were never rectified. Kiffin seems to be hushed on the matter. Lane hasnt emerged as a leader and it doesnt seem like there has been one on this team. There needs to be a shake up after this season.

  • I found Kiff’s play sheet for ND. First 5 series are the SAME! Redd 23 Blast. McNeal 23 Blast. Lee post, Incomplete. PUNT

  • oregon111

    I love USC, beat ND! fight on!

    USC owns the Sun Bowl

    • Real rivals commiserate together. Sorry for your loss, even if I was rooting for a ridiculously physical Stanford team.

  • Geez, that either means we’d be favorites with a healthy MB7 or the bettors hate him worse than the fair weather fans. Unreal.