Bowl Talk

The Alamo Bowl was at the USC-UCLA game but apparently dropped the Trojans from consideration. Link here

That means the Holiday and Sun Bowls are the most likely destinations depending on all the scenarios this weekend in the Pac-12.

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  • sugar sweeeeeeeet collapse!!

    i remember after Bounce Pass guarn-fing-ted the BCS Natty, several trOXans declared they made reservations for Miami!!!


    no wonder all the Nattering Nabobs fled this blog like rats from a sinking barge!!! oh, where have you gone, paralegal, Jezro, trojie conquest, momo, etc etc etc!!

    oh what was that saying….oh yes, FTFO????


    • W.E.B. Dupree

      Well, no wonder they left. This blog has become the most joyless place on the internet. Given the way that this season has gone, it’s like reading a really negative, sarcastic guy blogging about the Holocaust.

      Meanwhile, the comments section features you and Thai chortling about the injured Barkley like a couple of unemployed hockey goons.

      With Kiffin likely to stay another year, all we can do is wait and pray, like an evangelical hoping that the Rapture will solve the problem of his underwater mortgage.

      • Joyless??? not for the Cadre, Jack!!

        the Cadre took a vow to stay around to scatter the pieces!!!

        and oh, how the trOXans have fallen to pieces!!!

        i feel so ALIVE!!!!

        • W.E.B. Dupree

          You’re scattering something around here, all right.

          • ThaiMex

            D-weeb….wheres the bravado, the clever retorts, where has it all gone? It’s all disappeared along w/ Bi-Polar Paralegal, the “Ambien” guy (jethro), the little retarded kid, LBC, and all the rest of those dysfunctional Yo-Yo’s (oh my…how could I EVER forget the guy with the dentures…Ol’ Schammer). You mental GIANTS are welcome back anytime…the sooner the better! Besides You QUEER BOY’S are probably a little RAW from all those Torgan Sword Fights in The Hot Tub. Give it a break.
            fit on torgans

    • TrojanFan

      You fuckin idiot, you hide behind your keyboard and post the same shit over and over and over,,,,,you’re loooog over due for a bitch slap

      2 wins over the last 16 years how pathetic

      PS……how’s the eye, the Hello Kitty patch looks cute

      • Typical trojan living in the past. The most important thing is UCLA whooped your asses with 8 starting freshmen. Your potent offense never even got off the ground, and your QB, lost about 30 million dollars coming back to a business he never finished. USC is a joke. 38-10 Go Bruins.

        • TrojanFan

          Try getting your facts inline, before you start trolling a Trojan site….idiot

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf are you serious, did you already forget your Nov 18 post – PAC 12 Bowls? USC will end up with the 7th best record in the conference and overall. That means a lovely trip to exotic Albuquerque, Dec. 15, to play some Mountain West also ran! Does anyone remember losing to Fresno in the Freedom Bowl? And Kiffin deserves another year? I’m livin in bizarro world!

    • No quite Golden. There is a rule that the next bowl in line can pick any Pac 12 team as long as they are within one game of the team ahead. i.e. Fucla loses both times to Stanford, one game ahead in win column, any bowl below can pick SC, Ore St., UW, etc. i.e. Fucla wins Sat, loses the following week, same deal as they’d have 3 losses, the Trojans 4.

      • BUAHAHAHAHAH “Fucla wins Sat, loses the following week, same deal as they’d have 3 losses, the Trojans 4.” are you drinking the same kookaide Max Wittek is drinking:” USC is gonna get their asses whooooooped!!! and they will be 7-5 and they will be lucky to go to the Fight Hunger Bowl. They only have a win this year against a team with a winning record, and just barely did Syracuse went 6-5. USC is talented, which makes them a complete joke the fact they will have a 7-5 record. Go Bruins!!! 38-28

        • TrojanFan

          Hey penis breath, your mom said, get off the computer it’s past your bedtime

  • socal82

    Maybe the golden child will hire tedford as the oc before we play in a December bowl

  • SoCal_Native_59

    Remember last year when Kiffin was 9-2 going into the final game, he acted like scooter wasn’t alive. Now he is 7-4 going into the final week of the season, and he still pay no attention to wolfbag.

    • grave soul

      Actually, you just know that Kiffin is seething and champing at the bit to go off on Scott W and to kick him out of practice again. Somehow some way, Wolf has a way of getting under Kiffin’s skin.

    • TrojanFan

      two thumbs up!

  • TrojanFan

    I want USC to play Boise

  • By the way, what is up with all the fake Avatars on this blog? Do you all think someone is gonna witchcraft or something?