Kiffin Quote Of The Day

Lane Kiffin said Marqise Lee and Robert Woods “practiced as hard as they ever practiced” today.

I’m sure they did but isn’t this something Kiffin’s said pretty much every week? And USC didn’t look like it was playing harder than UCLA last Saturday. Will the Trojans’ morale be high enough to not fold against Notre Dame this weekend?

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  • Independent_George

    Something else Kiffin says EVERY FREAKIN WEEK: “They showed us some stuff we hadn’t seen before.”

    Besides, Kiffin practices are a joke. Reports from those who do choose to attend practices and abide by Kiffie’s childish non-injury reporting all say that USC practices like an NFL team, which means no hitting and walk throughs in order to learn the increasingly complex game plan. It shows every week as USC plays slow and soft and thinks and reacts instead of playing fast and down hill.

    But that’s Kiffin’s schtick to recruits: we prepare you for the NFL. But how long is that shtick going to work if recruits see players like Barkley and McDonald see their draft stock drop out of the first round, thereby losing millions of dollars in the process, because the team they were on, and the coaching they received, sucked?

  • CheattheSystem

    From Pedro’s blog—in context!

    USC receiver Robert Woods said Wittek’s throws come in a “little faster” than Barkley’s. But there is a downside to Wittek, he said.

    “He’s young out there,” Woods said. “You see some of his throws are a little off and different reads.

    “He just needs some experience, other than that he’s pretty good.”

    It’s the receivers’ job to help him get some experience, Woods said.

    “We just gotta keep his confidence high, make some plays when the
    ball’s not perfect,” Woods said. “We make those plays, he builds up his
    confidence, and he’s feeling comfortable and getting used to it.”

    USC coach Lane Kiffin said Woods was diving for balls in practice on
    Tuesday. He was pleased with the effort of the Trojans’ top receivers
    as they attempt to quickly build up their rapport with Wittek.

    “They’ve been great,” Kiffin said. “Robert and Marqise practiced as hard as they’ve ever practiced.