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Here is an undiscussed factor why USC might be bringing back Lane Kiffin next season: Can USC afford to fire him?

He has two years left on his contract. Throw in the possibility that Monte Kiffin (at least $1.5 million per season) might have another year on his. And so does assistant coach Ed Orgeron (at least $1 million).

On top of that, a new coach would probably require a salary of around $5 million. That would be around $10-11 million before even paying the rest of the staff. USC just might feel it cannot afford to pay that.

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  • Independent_George

    Ah, NOBS’s buttboy Garrett strikes again!

  • Kiff….the gift that keeps oooooooon giving!!!

    wolfman, keep up the sweeeeet scoopin’!!!

  • joeybbadd

    Wolfie…you sir, are an idiot.

  • Golden Trojan

    Usually coaches have in their contracts that if they are hired somewhere else, the new salary is written off the old salary still due. That is another factor for sure for Haden to consider. Are the Kiffin’s able to get another gig somewhere else and for how much? Wait another year and you own them less. If Monte retires does he get paid off? Hey Scott why don’t you try to get some details from your inside sources?

  • Maryland is about to pay $50 million to leave their conference. I think USC can afford to fire/hire some new coaches.

    • Golden Trojan

      They still need to be smart with the timing and not blow millions of dollars needlessly. A million here a million there, eventually it adds up to real money.

  • I thought that the new TV money was a boon to all of the schools finances in the Pac 12. Also, USC, with its super wealthy, generous alumni is thought to be one of the richest schools in the nation. So, I don’t think that money is a problem. I don’t see the alumni support and ticket sales to be anywhere near as strong as this year with Kiffin still in charge.

  • disqus_GaBGAtoibJ

    If the check signers at USC want Kiffin gone…hes gone….money wont be a deciding factor. Who are you trying to kid wolf? You’re seriously an idiot.

  • tacotuesday

    “USC just might feel it cannot afford to pay that”, said nobody ever.

    • ELTROJ

      Good one Tacotuesday!