Open Forum

I am going to answer a lot of questions over Thanksgiving weekend, including those left over from the previous forum. So fire away!

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  • calkidd32

    what impact, if any, will the disappointment of this season have on recruits? and to a further extent, do you personally know of any recruits who are rethinking their commitments?

  • Fire Kiffin Now

    With Tedford getting canned, would you like to see SC go after Pendergast for DC?

  • Ben Doverz

    Why does Pat Haden think so highly of Lane Kiffin and his ability to coach when he’s shown that he’s not really good at it? I mean 25-11 at USC ain’t nothing to write home about.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    When I read Haden’s comments about why he wants to keep Kiffin around, to say I was stunned would be an understatement. But the comment that stuck out was the one in which Haden said Kiffin will have to ” evaluate ” his coaching staff. Is that lawyer speak for he will have to make changes or will he just have to evaluate his coaches and does Haden have enough of a backbone to tell Kiffin to remove his father or your done at USC ?

  • tommytrojan2004

    Where would you rank Barkley in terms of mobility of the QBs you have seen at USC? Was JD Booty the least mobile?

    • The Ghost of John McKay

      Barkley is slower than Paul McDonald and that’s slow

      • ELTROJ

        Brad Otton had to be the slowest.

      • gotroy22

        Sean Salisbury after knee surgery was a snail.

    • Sam Gilbert

      Could Matt Leinart even bend his knees by the end of his senior year?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Is Kiffins character and reputation such that he has a hard time attracting good assistants to work for him ?

  • Edward Marlowe

    This more of a comment-as USC alum and native of Seattle ,I think we are in great shape ,when (assuming he beats Wittek out) Max Browne takes over from Barkley.I have seen 3 of his games this year and his 2012 stats are over 4000 yards passing 45 TD’S and only 7 INTS!! This guy is very accurate, has a high release point and isn’t fazed or makes poor decisions like Barkley.

  • trojan92

    With Cal firing Tedford and his long history with Kiffin, do you think he’d be a viable OC candidate that could take over play calling duties?

  • DT-89

    Scott — Your criticisms of the Kiffins and Matt Barkley are either accurate or at least essentially fair. But they can’t be responsible for all the team’s problems. Can you detail other players and/or coaches who have seriously underperformed as well? Please include both on-field and off-the-field information. Many thanks in advance …

  • Adam

    Why is Tampa 2 such a failure at the college level?

  • gotroy22

    Why do you think the Pac 12, which at the beginning of the season sent out a detailed list to season ticket holders of what denotes unsportsmanlike behavior by fans including obscene cheers or taunting, had no problem with our band playing the taunting U-C-L-A Sucks/ Tusk song at the end of the game but banned our mascot from plunging his sword harmlessly into the Rose Bowl turf? Isn’t that like banning Colorado’s Ralphie the Buffalo from running on the field or the Sooner Schooner from going on the field to inspire the fans?

    • ProbationU

      Gotroy, you won’t see Ralphie running around except at home games. You only see the Sooner Schooner at home games and Traveler at home games. You shouldn’t be stabbing your hosts logo. Personally would have no problem stabbing the field, but stabbing the logo is disrespectful of your host and shows poor sportsmanship. Kind of like being invited to someones house for dinner, complaining about the food and pissing on the table.

  • Vito

    Is it possible for Haden to send Kiff to a leadership class? He has absolutely no presence on the sidelines. All football teams are a reflection of their coach. From what I see the players are not intimidated or respect Lane, I see a lack of passion from him and it shows up on saturday. I mean his press interviews are so dull. I get more fired up listening to my sunday mass sermon. USC deserves a coach not a coordinator impersonating a coach. Do you think Lane will ever be a coach that will inspire his players?

  • CheattheSystem

    Scott, now that Barkley’s career is “over” what exactly did he do to you that makes you hate him so?

    Real Question: Why is Dawson not getting any heat for his atrocious play at MLB? Kennard was horrible at it, but better most times than Dawson. Missed tackles, dropped picks (at least two–which would have changed the outcome of Oregon and Ucla games!).

    Kiffin is taking a lot of heat, but his biggest shortcoming is his unwillingness to run the football–but with a banged up RB corps…what is he supposed to do?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Do you expect fires and/or new hires with the coaching staff and if so, what coaching position and possible candidates?

    Also, I think my question from the last round was overlooked: Out of the soft verbals, Ramsey, Valdrdoes and (now) Falah who do you see leaving, to what school(s) and are they the players Kiffin was cooling on anyway?

    Thanks in advance




  • Charles Bucket

    wolfman, the reason the Cadre were able to so accurately predict the trOXan implosion this season was because we recognized that the team’s most significant weakness, the Pious Passer, was erroneously viewed as the team’s major asset.

    we recognized that his lack of leadership, inability to handle pressure and inability to lead a comeback was a ticking time bomb of failure despite these defects being partially obscured by the fact he was surrounded by NFL talent.

    so based on expectations vs actual achievement, i.e. Heisman frontrunner status and the team’s #1 ranking based on his perceived abilities, do you agree with the Cadre’s opinion that the Pious Passer was the most over-rated player in recent NCAA history???

  • Vladimir Smackula

    Vulfman, vhat a crazy year!! I am thinkink vee need a lighter qvestion!

    Vee all know zee Barkley haff numerous nicknames, but vhich vun is your faworite?



    Lil’ Pete

    the Cherub

    Honey Boo Boo

    the Pious Passer

    Better Booty

    Mr Unfinished Business

    AH! AH! AH!

  • Aaron Siak

    Brian Kelly (ND), Chip Kelly (ORE), Nick f’n Saban, Chris pettersen, and Urban Meyer, arguably the top 5 coaches in the country, are all ok with not being OC’s. It’s clear USC has had penalty and t/o problems this year, clear coaching deficiencies. LK clearly needs an OC and an up-to-date DC so he can focus on overall program. For the OC, who is ur hire? For the DC, do u promote Coach O? And, do u think LK can coach, then?

  • Dino Marconi

    How long do you think that Haden is going to remain as AD ?

  • Dino Marconi

    How can HH accept such mediocrity from its FB and BB coaches ? Do you think that if many stay away from the home games that it could have some effect on their thinking ?

  • steveg49

    You think Woods has thrown inthe towel?

  • Troy

    I’m reposting since it wasn’t originally answered. Monte’s Tampa 2 Defense revolves around hybrid players who are more athletic and faster in their respective position. This sacrifices size and power. Do you think this attributes to the “softness” of the defense? Why not recruit/build/corn feed our players to be more massive and powerful (the team got over powered by Oregon)? You can still be fast and quick. This would force other teams to adjust instead of our team adjusting to find players capable of stopping a system offense like the spread. What do you think? A new off season conditioning program needed? Thanks