Tedford Firing Ramifications

Does Cal’s firing of Jeff Tedford pave the way for USC to hire defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast to replace Monte Kiffin?

Kiffin is close to Tedford and won’t be stealing from his old mentor anymore. And Tedford might be the only guy (besides Steve Sarkisian) that Kiffin would be willing to hire as offensive coordinator. That would allow Kiffin to do more than bury his head in his play chart.

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  • tacotuesday

    Judging solely from box scores, i’m not sure Cal’s defensive coordinator is someone we want to snag.

  • Tedford is similiar to Kiffin – they talk a big game, but they both have trouble winning one.

    • CheattheSystem

      Tedford was denied access to BCS twice! see Bill Snyder rule…He is a good coach who has been snakebit at times by injury and coaching at CAL…

      • gotroy22

        Good coach? Did you see him blow the end of the Ohio State game this year?

  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    I think Cal. Made a mistake.

  • Edward Marlowe

    Hey Wolfie-Pendergast is not the answer .Look at his tenure at cal and then comment

  • Nemesis

    Tedford as OC? Really? I mean was Cal’s offense all that potent and innovative the last few years? Seems to me that the game has passed him by. I think if USC was going to hire a new OC, they should look to someone with a more fresh perspective and believes in some new age offensive concepts, e.g. the spread option.

    Hiring Tedford would be a mistake. It would be analogous to hiring Monte Kiffen as DC.

  • Nemesis

    Question: Would Kiffin consider switching from a Pro style offense to a spread offense? It seems in the modern college era, the Pro style offense is easier to defend, unlike the spread. And with the spread, you don’t need NFL caliber players to run it well, so with USC’s talent level wouldn’t the spread be even more potent?

    • Independent_George

      Answer: No. Kiffin’s schtick is to sell USC as a mini NFL, complete with a distant owner/AD whose loyalties lie elsewhere and who is contemptuous of its fans, easy practices, overly complicated game plans that shall not be deviated from, head scratching strategic decisions from the head coach, an inability to adjust during the game, incompetent, inflexible assistants who are there less for their knowledge and more because of cronyism and lack of threatening ambitions . . .

  • gotroy22

    The ramifications are that we may be losing our favorite punching bag. Cal may actually become competitive now.

  • Trojanpete

    I like Jeff Tedford–he’s a smart coach. Here’s my problem with him–he developed Kyle Boller and Aaron Rodgers and they were both first round draft picks in the NFL. Since then, he’s taken a dump at the QB position despite that being his specialty. Nate Longshore had the job too long, guys like Ayoob and Riley showed flashes but didn’t materialize. Then he had Zach Maynard who never really looked good as a pocket passer all while Sean Mannion of Oregon St., a guy Tedford never recruited from nearby Pleasanton, has flourished.

    I firmly believe Tedford is just tired and needs some time off. His teams had good talent thanks to Tosh Lupoi but they underperformed. The thing that ultimately got him fired was that Cal’s Graduation Success Rate was the worst in the Pac 12.

  • Sark, the toast of Seattle, leaving to be an OC at SC? LAUGHABLE