Haden On Staff Changes

USC athletic director Pat Haden appeared on Colin Cowherd’s radio show this morning. Asked about possible coaching staff changes, Haden said, “Lane and I will meet after this game . . .  Every coach, every staff always looks at themselves. We’ll have that conversation shortly.”

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  • And when Lame tells you that he’s keeping his senile old man and you can go pound sand, what will you do Mr Haden ?

  • QueenKiff

    Converstaion as follows: We can’t afford to fire you and your frumpy old man and alost pay the next schmuck I hire.

  • Edward Marlowe

    All of the Trojan Alums here in Washington State are breathing a sigh of relief, but we need to hear more.Want we want to hear is “LANE AND mONTE YOU ARE FIRED”

  • TroyFan52

    Wouldn’t you like to think Monte would walk away himself for his son’s sake? Come out and say they need a change and walk away. Then he can make a couple mil a year with gruden when he goes to philly!!!!!