• Bad study

    Before the fights start Wolf should have mentioned that the data used was mostly made up of public schools and excluded SC entirely.

    • Weinst

      Where do you that idea? Duke is on the list and it is private!

      • gotroy22

        That’s why he said “mostly”…Reading is key.

        • Weinst

          I see that, however where did he get the idea that the study “excluded SC entirely.” Since all universities report crime statistics, and the only exclusion in the description of the study was campuses of fewer than 10,000 students (USC has more than 10,000 students) the only rational basis for his (or her) assertion would be that the list was limited to private schools.

          • Bad study

            There’s a link to the data used in the 3rd paragraph. Most states only have about a dozen schools on the list. Half of the Pac 12 isn’t listed and those are all large schools. Definitely shows that UCLA is not the safest school, but also not fair to say it’s the “Most dangerous college in America”. You could also claim that UCLA is the best football team in America…..if you exclude the Pac 12 North, the NFL and every other BCS conference.

    • Disappointed SC fan

      Duke, MIT and Georgia institute of tech are all private schools.

      • Weinst

        Georgia Tech is public

  • SC has less crime due to higher amount of security in more dangerous neighborhood. Btw, don’t bring up the 2 students from China. Two things, they did not live within the “zone” at SC and anyone sitting in a car anywhere in LA at that time of the morning is at risk…..anywhere.

    • SaferInWestwood

      I hit’em up must’ve been playing at the S¢Holloween party before it got shot up …

      • They were “doing” all the minorities at Jucla

  • Does Barr’s hit on Barkley count?

    • Disappointed SC fan

      i will give you credit, at least you don’t hide behind a pseudonym like most fucla fans.

      • Hardtail Bruin

        Or “Disappointed SC Fan”(s)…

        • Disappointed SC fan

          im not in a fucla blog talking shit troll.

  • trojan92

    This list does not surprise me at all. When I was a student at USC (’88-’92) the school of Public Administration offered several Criminology Courses. I took all of them and we studied the crime statistics between USC and UCLA at that time. Based on the neighborhood (especially back then) everyone thought that the crime stats at USC being located in South Central would be considerably higher than those at UCLA being located in Westwood. We were shocked to see that UCLA’s crime stats were more than double of USC’s. Apparently 20 years later the trend still holds true.