More Haden

Here’s more of Pat Haden’s comments on Colin Cowherd:

On the season: “This hasn’t turned out so far the way we would have liked. we were probably over hyped.”

On upset fans: “(I receive) hateful emails. I love the people’s passion. Sometimes the rhetoric, the tenor and tone surprises me. I have a pretty thick skin but sometimes it amazes me.”

Audio here

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  • grave soul

    The “tenor and the one,” kind of like the sound and the fury, ultimately signifying nothing.

    It’s not too hard to imagine the language in the emails and phone calls that Haden is receiving. Out of the many college sports blogs that regularly I read, no fans utilize as much racist, sophomoronic, stereotypical, WASPy, and ignorant language like u$c fans do. Seriously.

    Haden, who is typically holed up in his office when not at the occasional sporting event, is getting a taste of his tasteless fellow alumni–the collective bottom feeders of a sham university (good job at buying into the US News ranks, Mr. Sample–but you forgot all the other rankings that really matter) that has nothing to brag about but an occasionally dominating football team that had a good run over the last decade. u$c: known for being an easy school to graduate from, thus producing members of society that would crassly rip into Haden, as well as anyone else who disagrees with their groupthink mentality.

    Notre Dame will rip $c another one this Saturday.

    • I guess you haven’t read spedjones or Thaaimex on this blog then. ucla fans are no better or worse than SC fans. And Stanford will rip you a new one this week and the next, enjoy !

      • Golden Trojan

        And I’m sure the Stanford band will be their usual classy clever selves.

        • I was at the game at Stanford when they formed a dick on the field at halftime of the SC game, yes classy as always.

        • Bet the staFurd band STABS the bRuin logo! LOL

    • Adam

      U$C because we make money.. U¢LA for a broke ass degree

      • EncinitasBruin

        And we’re back.

    • I recall going to the Stanford vs USC game in Pete Carroll’s last year. You should of heard the whining from fans seated around us about getting rid of Pete Carroll. It’s know wonder he left. The fans got what they deserved..sanctions. I think Pat Haden who is a real person of class and an example for other human beings is making the right decision to bring Lane Kiffin back for one more year as an opportunity to right the ship. The fact is that Lane Kiffin had a great year last year and had everything in place to get the job done this year including creating an environment that Matt Barkley and Tim McDonald wanted to return to. Now Kiffin knows his limitations and if he doesn’t correct them and/or the team has a mediocre year next year than he should be let go.

      • Independent_George

        I went to the Cal game in 2003 and someone threw a bag of urine at our section. Went to an LSU game and in front of us someone projectile vomited over about five people in front of him. College football fans can be primitive.

        • grave soul

          Some college fans can be crude, to be sure. It’s when the lines are crossed with regards to “isms” (race, class, nationality, gender, etc.) that it gets unsettling. I throw jabs all the time at USC. I don’t hide the fact that I’m not fond of your school’s materialistic culture (when compared to many other universities). Yet I think it’s beneath anyone to use outdated isms and I’m less and less surprised at the things I see USC fans post on this as well as other blogs.

          • And most of them come from Fucla a holes.

          • EncinitasBruin

            And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend….(eye roll)

    • Golden Trojan

      USC is an easy school to graduate in four years or less because you can get the classes you need and want as opposed the Calif state schools. My daughter graduated from USC in 4 and proceeded to ace the GRE for grad school. My son is still trying to get out of UCSD but can’t get the classes he needs. College is what you make it. Except for Supreme Court Justice or President it really doesn’t matter what school you go to. I would be curious to know how many of the crude fans are alums of SC or UCLA and how many are former L A Raider hoodlums.

      • grave soul

        You sound pretty sensible. I graduated from UCLA and from an Ivy. I never had a problem getting into classes. I also noticed that the vast majority of people who did not graduate in four years elected a double major, or at least a minor, if not two. Tuition has gone up, but when costs are not as prohibitive (and tuition’s still much cheaper than at sc), people really get the most out of their time as undergrads. Learning and growth, I believe, is what the main goal should be at an institution of higher learning. I’m not sure what the case may be at UCSD, an obviously great, well-rounded school.

      • EncinitasBruin

        The impaction factor has increased. As a UCLA grad (’85) I never had a problem getting into the courses I needed, save for one or two survey courses. Look boys and girls, these are two excellent universities–both top 25 in the nation, with very high rejection rates (USC has an 18% acceptance rate, with 38K applicants per year, while UCLA’s is 17%, with 47K applicants). I am blue and gold to the core, but if my daughter was accepted to EITHER school, I’d encourage her to go. I think if everyone on here with kids under 18 were honest, they’d admit the same. Both are “reach” schools for the vast majority of HS kids in Cali today. Would I wear cardinal and gold on “parents day?” Now that would be a stretch–but has nothing to do with my daughter and her future.

    • Bet your parents couldn’t afford to send you to SC. Sorry.

      • Thatwas@gravepole

      • grave soul

        Yeah, you are sorry, but actually you’re right on one account too: my parents couldn’t have afforded an overinflated university price tag. There’s no shame at all in that. That’s why I worked my ass off and did well, getting into a much better university and working my way throughout college to attain my degree. My hard work got me into a top Ivy, which, along with my undergraduate degree, has opened up many doors.

        Unlike you, my parents didn’t give me a handout.

        • I admire your work ethic. And appreciate you asking me If “I’d like fries with my Big Mac” on my rare visit to the McDonalds you work at. I’ve even complimented you to your manager. Keep it going Ivy man…….whoooooooo

          • Grave, where are you? Get over here now. We are eating in one hour and you’re our second server. I thought you said you got off at 1pm from McDonalds. Did you have to clean the restrooms again?

    • Yes. You’re all class trolling USC’s board here. All class. Seriously, get a life.

  • Independent_George

    Well, he could calm down some of the serious hate if he would, I don’t know, not call ND “the only name brand in college football” and slurp all over it as if he was still employed by NBC while saying little or nothing to talk up his school.

  • jetman624

    No over hyped, under coached. They have the talent deserving of the ranking, just not the coaching to make it produce.

  • grave soul

    @facebook-1423558008:disqus It’s funny that you are pointing fingers at ThaiMex and Sped, Ben. It is you that used the term “porch monkey” and insinuated laziness and handouts as soon as you saw a black person in the McKay statue photo. You’ve also used the term “spic” liberally–and NOT ONE USC fan on this blog has ever called you out on any of this.

    Is the use of racial epithets common and acceptable behavior at USC and among alumni? I’m really wondering because it sure seems like it and acquaintances and friends tell me that the campus still has a WASPy, money oriented, backwards culture. Yet, at the same time, I’ve heard that certain departments at sc are progressive and forward-thinking.

    Ben, I wouldn’t be surprised if you go and delete your comments, but it won’t matter because we’ve all read the drivel you’ve posted.

  • Trojanpete

    I wonder what Haden thinks of the developments in the Todd McNair case (see Foxsports’ NCAA site; can’t post links here as they flag them). Todd McNair is one step closer to getting the NCAA to pay up. Remember, the NCAA’s case against USC was largely based on the idea that a coach, McNair, knew about Bush and his family receiving improper benefits. The judge is clearly destroying the NCAA for its shoddy and “malicious” work. It takes a lot for a judge to reach that kind of conclusion.

    This is what happens when you “fight on” and not give up like a coward like Haden. You give up just to please the non-USC community and thus increase your own cred with those people. I can’t wait for the entire thing to get unsealed. Will the NCAA cut a deal with McNair to avoid further embarrassment?