• sdog

    Scott, everybody is disappointed about 7-4, but you don’t have to be such a dick about it.

    • SoCal_Native_59

      Gargamil can’t help himself. Nobody wants a rah rah reporter who can’t be critical of the team when need be; wolfbag on the other hand is a know nothing punk who can’t get over his need to grind the axe. I don’t know what started this thing between him and Carrol/Kiffin but he let’s it sour everything he writes.

      • Gents, SC has dispised Wolfman for years. He thinks he’s cute and is always looking for some negative slant. He had a mole in the program, who is now at a university that is ranked in the Top 25. The ahole would provide information that shouldn’t have gone outside. In return, SW would mention the jerk from time to time. He also pumped the guy when he was an athlete. Neither Pete, Norm, Sark, Kiff, Holt, Garrett liked him at all. The Tradition continues.
        PS The other writers don’t care for him either.

      • TrojanFan

        Pete would laugh at the pathetic turd, and given the chance, Kiff would bitch slap his ass

        he trolls his own blog

        • TF, he did! Eventually Kiff will.

    • TrojanFan

      You are exactly right, nothing put a penis, that’s why bucket is so in love with him….why do you think he always has the wolfman’s back

  • TroyFan52

    I’ll pass on the shirt. What a disappointing 5 weeks. Maybe pete spoiled us…..maybe the best days are behind us. This pac 12 is going to take off with recruiting and talent with these new coaches. Dont feel good about the future…….

    • SoCal_Native_59

      We’ll do Ok recruiting. SC still runs a pro set and it you want to prepare yourself for the league we are still among the best few places to do it. The spead is a college offense and will not tranlate to the NFL a long term way. We are in the middle of sanctions designed to put us in the cellar; we’re still doing much better the the fNCAA thought we would be doing. You are correct in your fear, the near futre will relect the santions and we’ll stuggle. However we have a good long term outlook.

      Scott Wolf is a troll on his own blog and the worste reporter in LA. He smells blood in the water, I would hope the Daily news could find a REAL journalist to take the SC beat.

      It must really kill wolfbag that Pat Haden has stated many times he will support Kiffin and is satisfied with where the program is.

      • Golden Trojan

        If the spread wins championships in college, go with it. Let’s go back to tailback U and let the pro type QBs go some where else. Of course this team would have done better with better coaches. We will be back, we’re USC.

  • Wrong colors.

  • Amir

    How about a t-shirt for you celebrating being 46, bald, ugly, pessimistic and a scumbag! Doesn’t even have to be for this year, it could be for the rest of your life!

  • ThaiMex

    You gotta include “# 1 Pre Season” on the front , and “USC FOOTBALL, over rated and under inflated” on the back of the t-shirt.
    fit on torgan
    Also….what a difference a year makes…..last year at this time S.C. Basketball was 2-3. This years team is VASTLY improved at 3-2!!!!!!!!!(let’s get started on hangin’ that banner HIGH UP THERE next to the Drapes!

    fit on torgan

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket’s new t-shirt read….on the front, “I smile when the flavor changes” and on the back “Nothing beats the aroma of a jockstrap”

  • Whatever filters this board has won’t let me post a link but if you want to see a truly pathetic celebration t-shirt search google images for “UCLA Bruins good times”