No Spread = Success?

Lane Kiffin admitted today USC is better prepared to face Notre Dame’s offense than a spread team.

“That’s no secret,” Kiffin said. “Over the course of time here, the last three years, we’ve played much better vs. traditional teams.”

This comment seems to only bolster speculation that defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin will not return next season.

There should also be some examination of what defense’s trouble USC? The offense produced 14 points against Stanford and 21 against UCLA (one touchdown was scored by the defense).

That is simply not enough points to win every week in the Pac-12.

  • Jason

    If LK doesn’t think ND will spread them out and utilize Golston on the read option he has lost his mind. I just hope the Trojans show a little EFFORT on defense. That’s all!

    • Ben Factor

      I find this comment very compelling.

  • Bruin4Life

    Bruin Rob told you all that Jim Mora was Mean and Nasty, and the he would change the UCLA Football culture, but idiots on here would not listen. And many of you delusional ones said USC would go unbeaten…Barkley would win the Heisman…that USC would whoop UCLA again 50-0 blah blah blah.


    • Joe Blow

      right. blah blah blah. Fucla still only has 1/2 of a football NC. hahahaha
      How are the 3 slobs?

      • Bruin4Life

        How are the 3 slobs? meaining, Lame Kitten, Daddy Kitten, and Orgeron? they are probably crying, just like the SUC fans.

        • Joe Blow

          no, the dead wife’s kids

      • gotroy22

        Umm, are you saying our shared national titles in 1939, 1974, 1978 and 2003 don’t count? That’s a stupid argument to make when there are so many other obvious ways to shame a ruin.

    • tacotuesday

      You do realize the only person talking that shit was bucket, right? But now that you’re here, what’s the over-under on years Mora stays?

      • SaferInWestwood

        “1-0, it’s routine for me” – Jim L. Mora
        He’ll be at Westwood for a while just a wild guess

    • TrojanFan

      50-0 looks a lot better…just saying….LOL!

  • Cita La Shier


  • Ben Factor

    The best way to defend USC is to do something that is not on film. The HC/OC relies on scouting reports, doesn’t anticipate new strategies from the opposing defense, is not very adaptable on the fly, takes minimal advantage of analysis from the press box, or any input from anyone. So do something new!

    Another good strategy is count on USC not to do anything new. The HC/OC is not cognizant that his team is being scouted. He sticks with the same plays, the same percentage of passes to Lee. He doesn’t really try to keep the defense off balance. He shows little interest in giving the opposition a look they have seen before, and then using their recognition against them. So look for something old!

    Another good strategy is to assume 3 to 5 turnovers by USC. The HC/OC is not good at solving chronic problems. He likes to use WRs as RBs, because they are more prone to fumble. He likes to throw a lot to Lee, even when other receivers are barely defended. He likes to call plays in patterns, so routes can be jumped. What is a little complicated this game, is that MB is is out. He was always good for a couple of INTs, at least one from overestimating his accuracy and his arm strength when he was not perfectly aligned and in balance before throwing, and/or was over-relying on Lee to catch it in coverage. What makes it a little less complicated is that the back-up has never played, so there ought to be beginner’s mistakes. But you never know.

    So, those are the defenses that bother USC. But can Notre Dame defend like that?

  • TrojanFan

    I’m going on recorded here, bucket is the only one that can successfully defend The Spread……..ouch!