Game Prediction

The venerable betting publication, the Gold Sheet, picks Notre Dame to defeat USC, 29-16.

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  • lifetime Bruin Fan

    Notre Dame 38

    USC 31

  • StanfUrd. 41

    Fucla. 24

    • looks like the Bruins are in your head fat a$$!!
      the wolfman is talking about the Rudys kicking trOXan butt this week!
      stay on topic, fat a$$!

      • Mine was only a first half score. Enjoy your last game at the road bowl this football season. Hahahahahahahaha

  • ThaiMex

    Catholics 41
    SCUmbags 28
    (Biased Judges, deflated footballs, lying coaches, sanctions for cheating, UNRANKED, Big Mouth/Broke Down Q.B.’s and you wonder why everyone laughs at you knuckleheads)
    Fit on Torgans
    (BTW…’s pretty clear your 65 is inferior to everyone’s 75….except perhaps COLORADO….and you might have lost that game if not for the STUPID JERSEY

    • lifetime Bruin Fan

      Very well said, nothing more to add.

  • Doe anyone know the over/under on the number of deflated balls in the Notre Dame USC game?