Kiffin On Seniors

USC coach Lane Kiffin said this will be the toughest of his three senior classes to see leave.

“This will probably be the most difficult one because this didn’t work out the way everyone hoped, unfortunately,” Kiffin said.

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  • well, actually Kiffy-boy, there were some people who hoped it WOULD turn out this way.

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      On jeez, get a life already. SC sucks, UCLA finally beat us and we have 4 losses. You can live a life away from this blog now! Lol so pathetic.

      • USC owns the Rose Bowl

        Also, that “UCLA owns the rose bowl” handle doesn’t work. Beating SC for the 2nd time in 14 years doesn’t compare to SC being all over “your” stadium’s WALL OF CHAMPIONS bronze plaque.
        Try winning in January.
        FIGHT ON!

        • Owns, be careful not to trip over the Girlyball plaques when urinating on the Wall.

  • UCLA2323

    Hello I am a Bruin and I want to say I am sorry for some Bruin fans that get on here and kick a Trojan when they are down. Good luck against N Dame but again i am a Bruin and will be rooting for the Irsh

    • hey UCLA2323, ummm, i dont think you’re ready for the rough and tumble worlf of big-time Pac 12 sport blgging. the Cadre will take it from here….thanks for your help, but maybe it’s best you just….ummm….stay out of the way.

      • UCLA2323

        Welp lets see I played for UCLA so I know big time sports, there is nothing like reading what a idiot has to say. If u want to talk UCLA go to bruin gold and leave the trojanchat to them. They know they suck without your help

        • hey! sorry i didn’t know you were a genuine UCLA athlete….ummm but you should leave your name so we can validate that claim!! it does sound a bit queeer a Bruin would be defending trOXans!! so i hope you understand our skepticism.
          don’t take this the wrong way, but are you a woman? i only ask because some lady bruins i know were actually feeling sorry for Honey Boo Boo and the trOXans. but after i reminded them of a few things, they came around.

          • UCLA2323

            I am a man and I am a Bruin and I hate USC I love beating them in every sport, i dont even put ketchup and mustard on my hot dog. But one thing a REAL BRUIN has is CLASS. We beat USC and as my friend Coach Mora said 24 hours is up move on STANFORD now. Mr. Bucket go to BRUIN GOLD and lets talk BEAT STANFORD your work on trojan board is over lets move on my bruin friend

          • Fat chance. This clown is not a bRuin, just somebody that has nothing better to do after getting off the swing shift. Hope you beat StanfUrd and win the Pac12 Championship game. Hundley and Mora have changed the landscape!

          • well, looky looky, “UCLA 2123” now your trOXan girlfriend is coming to your defense!! that should tell you how warped and soft you are….i suppose Mitt Romney is not so bad either!!
            the Cadre will never rest. and we don’t cotton trOXan sympathizers

          • See what I mean. a typical 99% freeloader that is as smart as a mexican rock.

          • oh dear, UCLA 1234, come quick, one of your trOXan friends is getting all Mitt Romney RACIST on me!! and i’m not even Mexican!!!
            remember trOXans, when i told you the Cadre would be here to scatter the pieces????

          • 99%er you are $h!tbucket. hahahaha What an ignorant loser. You did not graduate from college either. GED GED GED

        • 23, the guys with the big yaps are not bRuins. They never went to college. Thanks for being classy.

  • UCLA2323

    Ok now u pushed the wrong BRUIN hey all u TROJANS that I hate. If u push charle bucket picture on here his face book page will come up and u can really annoy him by sending him messages, also he asked if i was a man? Welll on his face book it says SEX male INTEREST IN men hummmm dont believe me then push his picture and u will see his facebook

    • UCLA2323

      Push the ABOUT on his facebook

  • UCLA2323

    Check out what i put about charle bucket i think u Trojans will like