Morning Buzz

Jim Rome wrote an open letter to Lane Kiffin on his new Showtime show:

“I would like to congratulate you on your most significant accimplishment to date, ending the football monoply here in Los Angeles. UCLA Bruins have moved onto Boardwalk and you have taken the Trojans to Marvin Gardens,

“Your team was supposed to be the best in the country, you’re not even the best in your own city.”

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  • Marvin Gardens ? More like Baltic Ave.

  • TroyFan52

    How true…where are you rick neuheisel,where are you…….

    • ThaiMex

      Rick is doing quite well these days. In addition to the buy out at U-C-L-A, he’s got a great job with the Pac 12 Network that pays very well. He’s a great speaker (and spokesperson for the Pac 12), travels a little, and understands the game of football well enough to explain the game to viewers.

      Goat Boy on the other hand, is in over his head, stuck with a washed up Father he can’t fire, is respected by NO ONE, couldn’t put together a speech for the public if his life depended on it, and is CROSS EYED. The way he walks in and out of trouble probably means his next job will be a RODEO CLOWN!
      fit on University of Stupid Cheaters!

      • Gee Mexie, you never answer the question? Did you graduate foe any college? Or high school? Or Jr. High School? Hahahahahahaha. We know the answer to all three.

        • ThaiMex

          come on Nubsie…..same old game , different day….Are you still an INSIDER? You still collecting soiled undergarments in the team locker room? Nubsie…set yourself free, and tell the truth.
          fit on Torgan!

  • Saul Goodman

    Though Kiffin is certainly the MVP of SC’s decline, he is getting some assistance from sanctions. Every star player has some role players that helped them reach the top.

    • Haden is MVP

      • Saul Goodman

        I stand corrected

  • Glad I didn’t DVR it. I kinda knew that once Rome turned his attention the USC football, he’d be unbearable.

  • rusoviet

    Hey Jimmy, how’s that cowering on the carpet feel?

  • QueenKiff

    Can’t disagree with Rome. Though know that Kiffin has made such an an A-S-S of himself criticism will be out in full force.

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!
    everyone who’s ANYONE is lining up to crap in the smoking creater the Bruins left on the Rosebowl turf!!!
    Sir Francis Tark, Jim Rome, the wolfman…all the big names in sports having a ball trashing the trOXans!!!
    now the RUDYs will take their turn with the trOXans… under the Peristyles, perhaps??